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Buzz escaped again but this time....

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He got out the front door. One of zachs girlfriends friends must have left the front door cracked open. When hubby got up this am it was all of the way open and Buzzy was gone. He usually escapes into the back which is completely fenced in so I dont worry as much but out front he's exposed to everything. Please, thoughts and vibes that the little dope comes home soon.
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Sending come home vibes to Buzz.

2 morning ago there was a cat messing around our front door and when we checked it was Francine trying to get in!
I had no idea how she got out, we've had her for a year and a half now and she has never been outside. So I'm assuming someone didn't latch the screen door, because it doesn't latch unless you really put some effort into it.
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they are sneaky little devils. It's a good thing that the twins and the dogs were with me in my bedroom. I could have had several escapees.
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Jamie managed to "escape" recently, and was also out front, rather than in the backyard, which he's familiar with. Luckily, he got scared, and hunkered down in the neighbor's front yard. I hope you find Buzz soon!
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Isn't it amazing how they snatch the smallest opportunity? Been there several times, you have my full sympathies - they don't care that you're at home chewing your nails to the quick! He'll be home as soon as he's hungry, I'm sure he will, try not to worry too much? Let us know when he's back and safe and you've told him what you think of him.....
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Hope he comes back safe and sound
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Buzz is back with us and he was a very hungry kitty. He and Ashly, whome escaped last night, were both at the back door. I have to say that this is the only thing I hate about this time of year. I'ts very difficult keeping four kittys indoors when we and the dogs are constantly in and out.
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I'm glad to hear they are both back safe and sound! That's one of my main problems with summer too! (only minus the dogs! )
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Oh soooo glad they're back, safe and sound. It is so nerve wracking. Last month I had my family over and we were all outside and my 4 year old nephew said to me " where does the black cat like to go when she is outside" I said " Oh sweetie she doesn't go outside." He said.. 'Yes she does , she came outside a long time ago." Talk about trying not to panic with a house full of people.
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I'm so paranoid about my cats escaping. We're in the process of moving right now, and through all the packing and moving that hubby has been doing, it seems like all I've been saying is 'are the cats okay? Don't let the cats out! Careful, the cats might get out!' We are between apartments right now. We have a week 'layover' at my in-laws' house until we can move into our new apartment. The cats are staying in the guest room with us and as long as everyone keeps the door closed there shouldn't be a problem, but there I go again explaining to everyone exactly how to come in and out of the cats' room and how important it is to keep the door closed. Isn't it amazing how easy it is to become completely attached to your cats?
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