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Fat Cat

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My cat Michael is extremely overwieght. He can't have diet food because he is on a special diet for his urinary tract problems. What are some ways I can get him to lose some weight?
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Feed less, excercise more. But I'd suggest a vet's advice on a weight-loss program, because if they lose weight too fast, it could cause other health problems. And of course the special dietary need complicates it.
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Depending on what diet he's on, see if they have a canned version you can feed instead, try tricks such as:
putting the food in the basement/or upstairs bathroom so a flight of stairs has to be gone up or down, to reach the food.

schedule a play session daily using an interactive toy such as a wand toy to get your kitty running and chasing, and provide self-play toys that encourage movement such as various ball cats toys that will roll.

If you do stay with a dry food, and have been free-feeding, ask your vet if you can switch to feeding 2-3x a day, and simply divide the recommended amount of food (based on your cats weight, there will be a recommended feeding guideline on the package) into 2 or 3 feedings, and consider feeding sl. less than what is recommended.

It is important that a weight loss program be done gradually, and having your vet supervise this is best.
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You might also try spreading the food out on a platter or cookie sheet. If you can get him to eat more slowly, he may eat less overall.
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