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Need advice for traumatized cat

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I'm glad to have found these forums!

I could use some advice after my cat's recent trip to the vet. Fours days out he's clearly not himself - not happy, but hopefully not unhealthy. Forgive the long story!

My cat is exceptionally long-haired, and in his recent bout of shedding he became VERY matted. Like dreadlocks, only too close to the skin for me to cut out myself. I wanted to get him a lion cut at the groomers to get rid of all of that and make him a little cooler and happier. Before the groomer would see him, however, he needed updated shots, so I took him to the vet.

The kitty's never been good about vet visits, and he was absolutely freaking out from the moment we got there - panting hard and snarling. It was bad enough that the doc said that he would have to be put under with gas to give him the proper exam and administer the shots. That was a bit of a surprise to me (they really couldn't handle a cat long enough to give him a couple of shots?) and an expensive addition to the visit, but I agreed. They also said they would do the lion cut while he was under.

A couple of hours later I picked him up, and he was still woozy from the gas. They said that they had "nicked" his scrotum (he's fixed) with the clippers and that he was a little swollen where they had injected him, but that otherwise things seems to OK. But in the four days since he's done nothing but sleep and eat and he's clearly not comfortable in his own skin. His stools are very loose, and his whole lower back area is having frequent spasms. That might be just a sign of discomfort, but I wonder if it could mean something more. He doesn't want to play or even cuddle, and it doesn't seem to be getting much better.

Could all of this be just a temporary pshycological reaction to his new look and the trauma of having a bunch of procedures done at once? Should I be concerned about some kind of neurological damage? I'm worried...

Thanks for any advice or insight you can give!
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I have had several long-haired cats (Persians) get their seasonal lion-cuts without the after effects of what you have described. I'm sorry you and your fuzzy one have had such a bad experience.

I admit, after their cuts, for a few hours they aren't the happiest bunch but within 24 hours they are acting completely normal.

If your fuzzy guy doesn't seem right to you...he probably isn't. I'm not a vet. but I would have him checked out if he doesn't return to his normal behavior.
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Four days is a long time for a cat to still be this way.
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Even post op (as in spay and neuter) kitties are pretty much back to themselves (mine anyway). This sounds most unusual and a second opinion might be a good idea. You might also try Rescue Remedy or Feliway if it is stress (kind of post traumatuic stress - cats can become VERY stressed!). But I'd rule out a medical prob 1st.
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Good lord. That poor cat! I work at an animal clinic and in my opinion I think the gas anesthesia was a bit much for a routine visit even if he was upset. Sounds also like they were doing a rushed job when clipping. Does he show any signs of razor burn? You would see redness and even blisters on the skin. This is from the clippers getting to hot. They could of also abraded his skin just from clipping too roughly. Then again...it might not be anything they did.

I'm glad to hear that he is eating. Drinking too? Pamper him extra special. Give him some cuddles and some catnip and call that vet on monday if he is no better by then.
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poor little guy - I agree I would most certainly call your vet on monday and have a chat to them. If you dont seem convinced by what they tell you, then call another vet.

good luck - keep us updated on the little fella - hope he gets better real soon
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Gas would not have this response after this amount of time. It is my guess they probably injected with a ketamine cocktail ... but even so, 4 days is a tad long for this kind of reaction.

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Thank you all for your kind words and advice! They really helped.

I did call the vet yesterday since it's a 24/7 hospital, and they said to keep an eye on him for a little while to make sure at the very least he doesn't get worse. I am heartened that later in the day he felt up for some play and has shown other signs of being himself. Today he seems even better. I'm still concerned about the muscle spasms in his haunches - like he's shivering violently - but if mood is a sign of health, it is improving. But my eye is still squarely on him!

Thanks again!
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how marvellous that things seem to be picking up for him - I surely do hope that it continues and that he is back to his old self again within no time.
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I'm still concerned about the muscle spasms in his haunches - like he's shivering violently - but if mood is a sign of health, it is improving.

Just going by my experience with long-haired cats getting their hair-cut...does your little guy have a fever?

Do you have air-conditioning or a fan going? Sounds silly but my Buster caught a cold/fever after having his hair-cut. Without all that hair, he caught a cold which turned into fever...my fault for not thinking about no hair and cool air in the house. Just a thought and hoping he feels better.
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