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I'm New :)

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Hello there fellow cat lovers.

I recently lost my baby girl, and I felt the need to do whatever it takes to get her story out there. Her name was Trinity, and I recieved her as a foster kitten from the SPCA on mother's day of 2004. She was orphaned - her mother died saving her and her two sisters from a fire in downtown Buffalo. We nursed the three of them back to health, and about two months later I officially adopted her.

During the foster care of Trinity we took in another orphaned kitten. He had no one, and he was so scared he just need to be loved and socialized. For some reason Trinity and Odin relied on each other (even though there were two other kittens). The two of them quickly became our little babies.

My boyfriend, Matt, and I moved from NY to NC last August, and brought our little guys with us. They had a relationship like I have never seen between two cats. Their personalities were incredible, and they had so much love to give...not only to each other, but to Matt and I...and pretty much anyone they came in contact with.

This past Tuesday Trinity was gagging and later started throwing up....probably about 15 times or so. Natrually, we took her to the vet. She had a lot of pain in her belly, and after many x-rays and tests, they decided that she had a blockage somewhere in her digestive system. At 6pm on July 27th, Triny went into surgery.

Later that night the vet called and told us that although the blockage was in almost every area of her digestive system (stomach, intestines, and colon), the surgery was a success regardless of it's intensity. We were told we would have her back in our arms Friday or Saturday morning. It's now Saturday afternoon....and our baby is never coming home.

The morning after her surgery they found damage to her esophagus. She leaked fluid into her lungs, and after trying multiple times to empty them and keep them that way, she stopped breathing. We lost our little girl around 9:30am on July 28th.

She was the most special little girl I have ever known. I will write much more about her as the days go on and I have the strength to remember her without so many tears. But I want to warn you all of this.

The blockage Trinity had was String. Yes, String took her life. She ate it from the time she was real little...it was like she needed it. She'd pull it out of my sweaters, out of blankets, out of my sewing materials....she'd even eat the hair out of my brush, and sometimes out of my head while i was sleeping! She had too much of it apparently, and she clogged everything up. It's such a horrible thing because she had no idea what she was doing was harmful, and although we tried our hardest to stop her...we also had no idea it could take her life.

So please....do whatever you can to keep strings (in any form) away from your babies.

I will post more later. I miss my baby girl.
RIP Trinity Marie 4/15/04 - 7/28/05

(she's the grey one, Odin is white)
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Oh, what a sad story...and what a loss, hon! Thank you for posting this reminder for each and every one of us...I too have a string eater....eats lace too for that matter! I'd like to welcome you here to our little family at TCS, and hope to see you around!
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I'm so sorry for your loss. It is a good reminder to pet owners that we must be careful with everyday household items!...

See you on the forums!

Welcome to TCS
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Hello and welome

I am sorry for the loss of your special girl, she was beautiful.

Thanks for the reminder of how dangerous string is to our babies. I am paranoid about having thread in the house as one of my brothers lost one of his kitties from ingesting thread.
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I am so sorry to hear about your cat, I too have lost a rescue, although it was over a year. My thoughts are with you!
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Hello and welcome! I'm sorry that it is with sadness that you come to TCS. After a recent loss of my own, I feel your pain. This is a wonderful place to come and heal. She was a beautiful little sweetheart!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!
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Welcome. I am sorry to hear about you cat. He's in a better place
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I'm SO sorry! How awful!!

What a gorgeous picture and rememberance!! They look darling!

I am new too! Nice to meet you!!

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That is so sad. I am really sorry for you. This site is such a valuable resource to everyone so that people can learn from stories to help their cats and others. Thanks for sharing it with everyone. I never knew it was a danger and am so thankful that you have let others like myself aware of the danger.

The cat I just adopted has been named Trinity, she is a lovely cat, perhaps there is something about that name.

The photo is beautiful.

Good luck and remember to give Odin lots of cuddles.

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Welcome to TCS!
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