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This is a crosspost of an email I received from Best Friends:

Dear Best Friends Network Members,

We have been contacted by Marianne regarding two sweet kitties that are in Radford, VA that need help.

In Marianne’s own words:

“Hi this is Marianne with Pound Pals of Radford we are a group of volunteers that try to place animals from the Radford City Animal Shelter before their time is up. We have several cats and kittens in need of homes. Our city shelter is filling up with kitties and we can not move them out fast enough. Below are cats in most need. Also please go to our website To see if we have others you may be able to help. If you have room in your heart and home please contact me. We are willing to transport.

Introducing Marianne, a gorgeous, golden-eyed sweetheart. How someone could abandon such a darling is beyond comprehension, but Marianne's owner taped her up in a cardboard box & dumped her in a parking lot, along with her three kittens. Marianne is little more than a kitten herself. She is healthy, affectionate & very much in need of a loving new person. Marianne is one of the gentlest cats we have & has been an excellent mother to her kittens, under very trying circumstances. We want to make sure Marianne never sees another cardboard box again & never suffers another moment of unkindness. If you're looking for a beautiful, gentle companion, and if you can give her the love she deserves, just contact Pound Pals for adoption information. site with new ones coming in daily so our time is limited to help these great cats.

Hi, I'm Norton, a sweet, handsome charmer just past kittenhood. Can you resist my silky gray coat & that elegant dash of white on my nose? I hope not! Everyone who meets me falls for me right away, because I put my paw through the shelter cage to entice them in my direction. I just yearn for a person of my own; someone to play with & sleep with. The shelter folks are nice, but I need snuggles! I love to be held, and if you will pick me up, I will let you cuddle me just like a baby. So, do you think I could come snuggle at your house? Just contact Pound Pals & tell them Norton is the fella for you!

If you would like to help these kitties please contact Marianne directly at 540-392-2085 or via email at or Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide and for being a part of the Network!