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One week!

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Billy and Chay (my two new Birman kitties) are coming home next Sunday!! Just over a week! I'm so excited! This whole week is going to be busy - painting and moving into my new apartment, setting up for the boys, but finally, after all summer, they'll be here! lol I still have to figure out how best to introduce them to each other, feeding arrangements, and where I'm putting their litterboxes. And I've gone all over this town looking for the best vet clinics to take them to. (I live in a town with one of the nation's best vet schools, and a million other vets to boot!) But finally, after months and months of waiting, I'll be with my boys!!!
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I bet you are very excited!...be sure to post lots of pics when they arrive!
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Congrads! I bet you have your home all set up for thier arrival too!
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Awww, congratulations!!! I want to see pics!!!
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Yay, the boys now officially have a new cat tree that will arrive right about when they do! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...MEWA%3AIT&rd=1 Incidently, Amarkat is giving me 10% off anything on their site (which can be transferred to friends) and they have 10% off all purchases on their online store, http://www.armarkat.com/ , so if someone wants it, PM me. The boys are going to be so happy!
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