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Thin Kitty Advice Needed!

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Four weeks ago Tammy gave birth to 4 kittens which are all healthy and doing just fine.

For about a week now Tammy has been constantly eating and crying out for more and more food. Obviously I feed her whatever she requires due to nursing the kittens still. The problem is I have noticed she is now quite thin, her spine has become very bony and there is not much weight at all around her middle.

I am terribly worried, what could be causing this, like I said she is always eating.

She has never had any health problems in the time I have had her.

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Is she on a Quality Kitten food wet or dry or both??
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then I would ask the vet .. I am sure some breeders may jump in and help.. All I can say is give more wet ..
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I agree...I'd actually free feed her kitten food, plus offer her all the wet food she'll eat 3-4 times a day - whatever it takes to get some meat back on her bones asap.
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thats what I am doing, free feeding her.
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Are you feeding her a kitten dry food? How many times are you feeding her canned? I strongly suggest whatever amount of canned you are feeding, increase it, as well as (unless you already are) increasing how often you are feeding her canned to 3 to 4 times a day. Or, simply take her in to your vet for an exam, letting them know your best estimate on total amount of dry she's eating per day and how much canned.
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ok thanks i'll keep an eye on it
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Nursing really takes a lot out of these girls, hon. Put down some good, high-quality dry kitten food and give her as much canned kitten food as she wants, whenever she wants it. She'll need to rebuild her resources after caring for her babes.

This is completely normal, by the way - and right at about this time, 4 weeks. You might also begin to introduce the babies to solid food now, again, high quality canned kitten food, preferably the pate-style, in order to give your girl a break in providing 100% of their nutritional needs. And don't forget, when you introduce to solid food, you must also introduce the litter box. Come on over to the Pregnant Cats and Kitten Care Forum, and we'll all chip in our ideas to help you.

See you there!

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