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Rainbow Bridge video(get your kleenex)

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This is a video of Rainbow Bridge that I just love and wanted to share with everyone(if it's already here somewhere I apologize). Everytime I watch it I still cry...but it's so very good you must see it
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This was incredibly touching! Thank you for sharing with us!
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that has been posted here before, but like you - it always brings tears to my eyes.

But how beautiful is it - what a beautiful place for all our kitties to pass too and await us joining them... thankyou for reminding us of this beautiful place
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I am sitting here with the tears rolling down my face.........
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That was really nice! It was so touching
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That was so beautiful!! The only thing missing was all the little children who are right now playing with my beloved Tasha dog and stroking my darling JC, and getting head butts from my little Sal, riding my mare Tinker; sweet little souls who left this earth too soon, and for whom Heaven "just ain't Heaven" without pets & kids....Thanks for sharing, Susan
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Sorry, tissues didn't do it, I grabbed a bath towel.
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Thought I was doing fairly well over the recent loss of Sunni....but now

It was beautiful, thank you.
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That was so touching. Made me burst into tears.

Thank you so much for sharing!
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That was very nice and so sweet.....
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I just lost my sweet Chloe last thursday. The pain is so excruciating still I just can't even really describe it. While the video made me cry is was a wonderful release. Thank you for sharing.
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My bunny Shadow just took the trip recently and I think Hannah, my kitty that refused to be with our fur family did also. Very touching yet easing video. RIP all to of those many babies that have crossed the bridge.
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Thanks for posting that
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Cheers for that, i lost my beloved cat Mawser my companion and friend for 16yrs, i know he is waiting for me.
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That had me in tears!
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All I could think about as I watched that little video is that my beloved Snoopy will be waiting for me, and that I will see him again. Not only that, but my sweet German Shepherd Miss Liebe Louise will also be there, even though her life was cut short waaay too young.
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I've always loved "The Rainbow Bridge". The video makes it just that much more poignant and sweet. Thanks.
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My dog, Max, is sick and at the vet right now with my parents. I'm sitting here fearing he will be gone and crying because I don't want that to happen. And I didn't listen and didn't grab tissues
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Being since I just lost my baby Scarlett, I hope and pray that will come true for us. Thank you for sharing.
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Thank you so much for sharing the Rainbow Bridge video. Beautiful...
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I watched it the other day and it really touched me....I had one cat that I was really close with and it ran away...I cried for almost a week after that...Her name was Bash and she was part siamese and tabby...she was sooo beautiful...I had her tamed around gerbils and birds..I have pics of them together but I have no scanner...someday I would have them on her

Vash dies in the fall of 2001...I really miss her....>>>>>>>>>>TEArS<<<<<<<<<
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I've seen that so many times and i still bawl my eyes now!
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, Hugs, Tears, and more
May we all find our babies there someday! Thank you for making Rainbow Bridge even more special than it already is to me. I'm so glad I could share this with you.
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awwwwwwwwwwwwww!that was incredibly touching movie
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OMG! that was so sad!
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i no i have already sent u an message about the movie but i cant get over the fact the i now not want my cat out side.i dont want him to cross the bridge so soon.
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what an absolutely beautiful video, made me think of my precious isis, who died at five weeks. thank you.
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