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This is unusual...

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Hi all!

My cat, Artemis (little over a year old) has been acting really strange lately. Used to be that she loved to be picked up and cuddled..and she would sleep right next to me all night. Recently though she doesn't want to be picked up and she wont stay if you try to pet her for any length of time. She just runs off to a dark corner somewhere and goes to sleep.

The only thing I can think of to cause this strange behavior is when I bring in my other cat, TC (14 years old)..they hate each other so they pretty much steer clear of one another. But I can't just leave TC outside..especially as cold as it is. Besides, she is the worlds most friendliest cat..just full of love.

How do I get my sweet little Artemis back to the way she was? I miss hugging and snuggling with her..
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You almost answered your question. When a cat starts to act funny or different, you have to think about any changes in the house or routine. This sounds like a big one if TC is normally outside. It sounds as if she is showing you her discontent. I would just try and reassure her that everything is okay. It may take some time, but once she feels comfortable with the change she will come around.
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My cat Merlin went through a similar stage for awhile, but he seems to be back to his loving self again now, maybe they go through this sometimes. I think Sandie is right, it probably has alot to do with the other cat being inside, too. Hopefully he will come out of it.
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