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cat nip

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How do you harvest catnip? I have some growing in my yard and it has a lot of seeds.
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I have catnip growing wild in my yard, too. I just pick it and give it to my cats.
Last weekend we picked a lot of flowers to dry for crafts. Of course, the kids picked some catnip, too. Let me tell you, the cats are really enjoying getting into the dried catnip!
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I harvest my catnip in the early morning or evening, when the sun goes down (according to my family traditions,the sunshine drives the aromatic oils down into the roots, so herb gathering, esp. for mints, oregano & other herbs used for medicine or flavoring are harvested accordingly). To dry it, I put the leaves in a brown paper bag and let them dry in a cool, dark closet.
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I have this wonderful garden--and never even THOUGHT Of putting Catnip in it!! (DUH!!!!!!!) I know the PERFECT place for it too!!! Hey, THANKS for giving me this great idea!!!
Here's a pic of my garden, and don't you think the Catnip would be very happy growing in it? (Oh...is it invasive???)
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Catnip is very invasive, just like any mint. I put mine in a garden that is separate, so it completely filled up the that garden, but it doesn't spread beyond that space. I just go pick some every once in a while for the kitties to play with.

Beautiful garden, by the way.
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Thanks, everyone, for your help.
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Beautiful garden, Missy&SpikesMom! I grow catnip in containers, but if I were to put it in the ground, I would bury a large metal can, such as a coffee can, or better yet, an empty can from a cafe or restaurant, and plant the herb in that, so the roots dont spread. That's how I keep my peppermint from spreading.
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About 2 weeks ago, I started a pot of catnip just for fun. I already grow cat grass and thought "let's try the catnip too"!! How long until I can expect to harvest the catnip? The seeds have sprouted and the plants are less than one inch tall. I'm growing mine indoors in a very sunny window.
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Oh! Yeah...that would work, if a person were to plant it right in the garden, but keep it contained in a can or container which would be buried right in the garden! THANKS for that idea....and thanks too, for letting me know, it IS invasive! --Although, I imagine, my kitties would be spending ALL their time, trying to get out to the garden, if it WERE invasive!!
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