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Potty Training?

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Hubby keeps eyeing kitty potty training kits. Sounds like a nice idea, but who has experience with these they can share?
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Not me sorry.

I know Jenny(Ilovecats) has but she's just left for New York
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like in a toilet? Its a great idea and apparently not too hard to do. CHack out the book "how to toilet train your cats"
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Good luck with that.......think how much we could all save on kitty litter?
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Good luck with that.......think how much we could all save on kitty litter?
We'd just spend more on toys and treats!

A friend of mine had a cat that used the toilet. He used to hang out in the bathroom when people went in to do their business. One day she looked in and there he was standing on the toilet taking a pee! He learned by watching the humans!! He stopped doing it though, when he fell in one day!
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There's a lady in Australia who's trying to market a kit to do this very thing...
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I found this site, however if you look online there are many other places: http://www.catseat.com/

Don't know if it works, but I personally wouldn't like going to the bathroom and finding Lucas got there first, yuck!
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One disadvantage to toilet-training a cat is if you have to board or hospitalize the cat. Obviously, they expect a cat to use a litterbox, not their restroom.
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An ex-girlfriend did it. Definitely reality and not just crazy talk.

There are some obstacles...

initial time investment (hard if you work 60 hours/week...good if you work at home or have free time)

having a household toilet mostly tied up with the cat's stuff (at least during the training phase)

random cat behavior (your cat might decide it is fun to flush the toilet...and flush and flush and flush 20 times in a row from 3:00-3:10 AM just because it particularly enjoys the sensation)

The biggest drawback I saw (from witnessing ex-girlfriend's household) is that not all cats will learn. Most will, but if you have three cats then your "slow/skittish/whatever" cat probably won't learn and even with two out of three cats toilet trained, you still have to keep a traditional litterbox for the one who couldn't adapt. So what is the real advantage unless you get ALL of your cats successfully trained? My advice is to start with your least intelligent cat and work up.
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