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why cats are picky eaters!!...

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this was posted her not too long ago

hardly any of my cats are picky eaters
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oops my bad..i saw it on todays MSN news.....
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somehow I missed that the first time it was posted! Well, my cats are finicky eaters these days; it's summer & they've been eating a lot of mice & ground squirrel in addition to lizards & moths, and are now very picky about which kibble they will eat. As for wet food, they are eating Friskies prime cuts flavors and won't touch anything else - JC & Joey have recently been to the vet for various reasons, and she isn't worried about their diet. She says they appear to be very healthy; they sure don't like their worm pill, though, but mice are notorious for carrying tapeworm.
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Well, I wish I had some of that gene. Sweets can do so much damage if taken over the limits. Maybe that is why cats are so svelte or is it svelty!
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Teufel will only eat beef and chicken, the rest i can just throw out the window.
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ronnie n reggie will eat anything,reggie loves icecream (and no he dont get it often) barnabys a fussy eater,but ive seen him down a rubbish bag then legging it with a manky chicken in his mouth,but then turns his nose up at what i offer him!! think he likes to steal food instead of it being offered.
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This is my 1000th post!!!

Emmett is picky about his treats. He won't eat the soft ones. Seems he only likes the Temptation ones and the odd other crunchy type. But if you don't give him treats he'll head butt you to death. I'm serious, he doesn't stop heading butting you until he gets some.
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