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iq test

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What did you score? http://test3.thespark.com/iq2/
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Im not telling!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha h aha...(mind you, it did take me three quarters of an hour cos I have to work ya know!!! ha ha h ah aa)
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I could tell you, but it's embarassing . . .
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I did horrible , but that's b/c I took it while I was at work lol.
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well one thing I know, it's not very smart to take an IQ test and watch seinfeld at the same time.
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mine was horrible, too!
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Well I am average, I think
Skipped the last page as cat was yowling at the door making it very hard to think...ahhhh

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It's a secret that I'll take to my grave!


Gee, got any more fun tests that I could totally humilate myself with? :laughing2

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I just did a search on Google.com using the word "fun tests"........ This one should be interesting: http://www.thespark.com/

Here's more:
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I just had to come back in here and say, this test was HARD! My brain was tired after a whole work week and I had seinfeld on and was watching it at the same time I took the test. Some answers I didn't even bother to answer
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Aren't we all full of excuses??? I took the test yesterday right before I was supposed to be leaving for work, so I was in a huge rush... like AP I didn't even answer some of the questions because I didn't have time to think about them! Yet... my score came back "above average" (you'll never drag the actual score out of me!).

I wish I had taken the time to actually take the test correctly now! If I'm "above average" when I don't even try... well... I must just be absolutely brilliant! (Go ahead and laugh. I don't believe it, either!)
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Okay, I just want to know who killed that guy! hahaha! Also, what in the heck was that ;p..w..wkt??? whatever phrase, how many people got all the words that began with f and ended with m! hahaha! Also, I was stumped on the palidrome! I couldn't get anything past MOM! hahaha! Okay, so, this time I didn't do so bad...must've been the pressure the first time, but it still was very hard and I must admit, I wouldn't want to take those everyday! I did that personality test! That was fun...I couldn't believe it, but this is what it said:

(Dominant Extrovert Concrete Thinker )

Like just 3% of the population you are a BUSINESSMAN (DECT). Hide the children and protect the bunnies, basically. In ancient times you would be a deadly barbarian. These days, you're perfect for Wall Street. You prefer concrete thinking to a more creative style, and your direct modes of thought and action help you succeed in whatever you may try to accomplish.

Your forceful and outgoing personality can make you seem like a hothead, but because your mind ultimately rules your heart you rarely let your emotions get in the way of your goals. By the way, think of Genghis Kahn buying seven million pork bellies on the trading market, and then eating half of them, and you have yourself. Good luck :laughing2 Pork Bellies!!! hahaha! I would never eat pork bellies! But I have to agree that I would protect the bunnies! hahaha! Terrible huh? Oh well, that one was fun ....That site's really fun....thanks for the link Tig

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Is a score of 963.49 good? I hate these iq tests cause I have nothing to do after 2 minutes.
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I was very frustratedby the things I couldn't figure out, too, and I wish there had been a link at the end so you could check your answers. Plus I might have gotten some of the ones I did answer wrong . . .
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Wayne, you're a genius! :laughing2

Sunlion, I agree, the answers should've been provided, it'd be nice to see how they come up with the solutions to the dreaded problems...

HEY, better yet, Wayne, could you check out my post before this and answer a couple of those questions??? I'm sure with a score like that, you must've gotten them right.

I'm going to the other ones you provided Tig. The personality one was just for fun.

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Umm...cat...that was Tic's score. He did most problems by sitting on the keyboard.
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:laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2
Another given I should've figured out!!! :laughing2 :laughing2

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so that means that everyone with a LESSER score (includes me) ain't as smart as a cat's butt.
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KF..... You are a nut!!!!

Ok everyone fess up for real. Are you all :chicken: chicken????
My score was average as far as I can tell. It was 98....see there I am brave enough to tell.

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after all she was smart enough to pick ME!!!!

Mine was only 89...
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