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UTI or something

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Let me give some background info first. We have 3 adult male cats. One of them started peeing on the living room floor (luckily it's laminate). We discovered which one it was and took him (Gray) to the vet. He had an infection & was given a shot of baytril & sent home with cephalexin. He hated the cephalexin so we got baytril tablets. We took him back & his ph was normal and there were not any crystals. So, the vet diagnosed him & says it's probably stress related. So, we have clomipramine (sp?) to give him.

I've found pee in the same place in the living room since then & just chalked up to Gray & his stress. However, today when I got home I noticed something different. Whichever one it is, pees next to our entertainment center. When I was cleaning it up today I noticed brown spots on the side of the entertainment center. It was still wet. So, of course I'm thinking blood. I call the vet & was told to lightly squeeze their bellies to see if they show any signs of pain. Did that & none of them cried or gave any signs of pain. I have seen Merlin (1 of the males) go to the box & use it, so I don't think it's him. So, I'm supposed to isolate them individually tomorrow with a clean, empty box to determine which one it is.

Any ideas on anything with this? I'm a bit worried, but if they don't show any signs of pain what else can be done? If we can't get any samples, I'm supposed to take Gray in for bloodwork. I guess each one will have to be tested to rule them out. Man! My vet is making some money off of me this month. I've taken a kitten for shots, a female for shots & spay, and Gray twice for his infection. I know some have been and are going through worse. Heck I've been through worse with my Israel & megacolon. But why is it that when it rains it pours? (Sorry for whining)
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Vet Asap
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Oh that is stressful. Vibes flying your way.
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