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Hairball or something else? kinda long

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ok since its been almost a decade since i have had a cat, I need some help. None of the cats i had in the past ever had hairballs, although i had a cat lady friend (15 cats in her house) (no offense meant to anyone with that many or more cats thats just what she was called around the neighborhood) whose cats were always hacking up hairballs. I remember the sound vaguely and definatly remember the hairballs. all but 2 of her cats were long or medium haired cats.

On to my dilemma--- I just got home and PB my 13 week old kitten is not himself. Hes subdued and is walking around (almost pacing-- he cant be still) Normally this time of day hes sleeping on our bed. He is craning his neck briefly at intervals while walking or sitting and when he sits he sits all hunched over really compact. Right now he is cleaning himself so he doesnt feel too terribly bad. He has been doing this dry sneeze/cough type thing after he does his neck craning bit. Its just one cough/sneeze and then after about 5-10 minutes he will do another one-- its not grouped together. He can go periods of time without cough/sneezing. I have an infant and a toddler so my house is baby, puppy, and kitten proofed. Nothing he could have gotten into. He has been in one room for most of the day sitting in the window from what my neighbors tell me.

Is this hairballs or is he catching something? There are no other cats he has been exposed to since i got him at 4 weeks old. ( he was a throwaway) All my dogs are fine and healthy and NOTHING has changed in the household in the last couple of days-- last week i was gone from home for a few days due to my 15 mo old daughter being hospitalized and PB greatly missed me then. He was fine yesterday actually more lovey yesterday than anything. Bowels and bladder are working fine-- hes nibbling as usual.

Im just gonna watch him but what should i look for if its some type of respiratory thing? Im so out of my vet tech knowledge. Its been since 2000 since i did anything with my vet tech degree. BTW PB is fed canned food 3 times per day. He has water available 24-7. Im trying to think up other things that might be pertinent. Hes a DSH tabby with white and doesnt shed hardly at all. I brush him twice a day (morning and nite) and he has only had one kitten shot. He is indoor only hasnt been outside since the day he was found at 2 weeks of age. NO fleas or parasites as i have my own microscope and check fecals on all my animals reguarly.

Ideas anyone? Since its friday and the vet closes early tomorrow i need to know if this is something that you would take your cats in for.

I prefer minimal vaccines if any at all, minimal meds, and try to feed as holistically/natural as possible.

He has not been felv tested and hasnt been to the vet at all since he was born. He is due to be altered in October or November ( earliest the idiots vets around here will do it is 7-8 months of age)

thanks so much everyone for your input.
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please take him to a vet as soon as you can... it could be any number of things only a vet can accurately diagnois..
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Give your vet a call
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I agree, call your vet. Your cat can't tell you what is wrong, and guessing is just too dangerous!
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vet ran a CBC, elisa Feluk, and did an x ray and a ultrasound. Nothing is abnormal-- Sent us home saying i was paranoid. PB even did the cough/sneeze and the craning his neck in front of the vet. ARGHHH! PB is still doing it. Will be taking him to a different vet in the am if hes still doing this. 600 bucks down the drain for that visit.

on another note- pb seems more active--I hope that he is better in the am.
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600 Bucks??????!!!!!! Omg!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
600 Bucks??????!!!!!! Omg!

yeah here the breakdown:

$50.00 to be seen ( its $85 if he had never been there before)
$150.00 xray
$75.00 CBC
$75 ELISA Feluke test
$250 Ultrasound (various organs and areas of the body)
$600.00 TOTAL
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I think that is unbelievable! & they didn't find anything wrong with him???? grrr!
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