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My beloved baby Scarlett

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I can't believe there's a place where I can go to that people will listen and understand my loss.
My baby Scarlett, a beautiful lilac siamese was brutally killed last month and I haven't been able to get over it, or should I say, I'm having such a hard time dealing with it. People have said to me that I'll "get over it" in time. I disagree. It's not something that you "get over" I feel like I have to "live with it."
I guess I should start at the beginning. I had a sweet cat and she was old and died but I had a very hard time dealing with her loss. I could only think to get another kitty. Four months later, I found Scarlett in the next state from an ad and loved her the minute that I saw her. Because she was in a litter of 2, I also got her beautiful sister, Melanie. I named the two cats Scarlett and Melanie from the book, Gone With the Wind as it's my favorite book of all time. I prayed for a cat that loves to sit on laps and that was affectionate and loved to be loved. It must have been fate that I found them. I named them before I got them and Melanie has an "M" and "W" for Melanie Wilkes, a character of the book, on her head. The two of them were a joy. I lavished all of my love on these cats. Melanie is quiet and sweet and Scarlett was full of life and had a personality and a half, plus extremely smart and sweet. Both of them are just pure beauty to me. Scarlett followed me around like a dog would and understood everything I said to her. She loved to be scratched and loved and put her head up to me to be kissed as she loved kisses too.
June 13th approximately 7 PM: My neighbor rang my bell and said that she thought that my cat was dead in my backyard! I ran out to the back and saw her but couldn't bring myself to go up close to see which cat that it was, as my father was told that our neighbor across the street with 2 rottweiler mixed dogs attacked Scarlett and killed her on our property! My father ran to their house and I followed screaming "what cat is it?!!" My father yelled, "It's Scarlett. He was extremely attached to Scarlett too. The guilty neighbor denied that it was her dogs. I knew it was her dogs as the neighbor that came to the door told us whose dogs did it. I just remember screaming and my father picking me up as I had collapsed in grief. For an hour I sat in my room screaming "it's not true!" and "why God?" I've had many cats die from sickness or age but never a brutal death like this. When the police came, I had to give a statement, which I don't remember what I said. My poor father had to pick up Scarlett and put her into a kitty taxi as she was to be cremated the next day. My mother then told me in her grief that her tail was fat and her claws were still extended. Scarlett stayed downstairs in that box all night until the next morning where my father brought her to the vet. A very black day. Animal Control was called by the police due to a death involved. The guilty neighbor admitted that her dogs were loose to the police but then got a lawyer and now is saying again that it wasn't her dogs. It's a mess. Not only am I dealing with Scarlett's death but now I have to go to court with Animal Control. I've found out from several neighbors that these dogs were let out on many occasions and were warned numberous times. I then realize that these were 2 dogs that attacked me 3 months earlier and that I warned the neighbor myself! They jumped up on me and was snarling and growling. One of them had their paws wrapped around my leg and luckily, I was released and got to safety. Now, 3 months later, my beloved cat is dead. After talking to my neighbors, 2 of them saw the whole thing and didn't do anything! They didn't even yell at them! The dogs didn't bark even once. They just attacked. If any of us had heard one bark, we would have been out there in a heart beat. I find out that the dogs chased Scarlett 3 times around my house and then finally both attacked her in the back yard where they tugged on her until her death. I can't go to the place in the back where she was killed any more. When she was killed, I was in my bedroom, about 20 yards away which I can't get away from that guilt. If only the dogs would have barked once!
The legal side: I've found out that pets are seen as property in the eyes of the law and that if someone's dog kills your cat that you are only compensated for the price of the cat and it's disposal?!! I don't understand that. Scarlett was my baby. I don't want money, I want Scarlett back but, that being impossible, I don't understand the courts. I honestly would give my arm to have her back. Another lawyer will help me because it's not a "money" case. It's a lose/lose situation that I'm in. Why are the laws protecting the very vicious dogs that killed my Scarlett?
So, I just needed to vent with people like lovers. I still cry every day and can't really talk to anyone about how much I miss her. Most people look at me like there's something wrong with me that I haven't "gotten over it." Every morning I wake up and think that it was all a nighmare only to realize that she's gone. Her poor sister, Melanie became sick the week after her death as she has a heart condition. She's getting better, but slowly. I don't know how to live with this. I love her still.
I sincerely hope that no one has been through something like this but, if there is, how did you cope?
A Mourning Mommy
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Your story is a heartbreaking story. I'm sor sorry that this happened to you precious Scarlett. I hope those neighbors of yours lose their dogs. I'm sure your little Scarlett knew and still how much you loved her and you will see her again, when it's your time to join her at the Rainbow Bridge.
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What a horrible tragedy! I wish I had words of comfort to offer...but I do not know what to say. My heart goes out to you and your family at this difficult time. Lawyer or no, I hope you get a caring judge who can help.

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I am so sorry for your loss, I can't even imagine the pain you are going cat lovers here I'm sure everyone here understands how she was your baby...not like an animal but the love you feel for a child. Just go through the grieving process however you need to and for however long you need to. All of us here understand and are willing to listen and lend a shoulder to cry on.

My prayers and love are with you and your family.
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Thank you all.

HopeHacker: I hope and pray that I DO see Scarlett when it's my turn. I hope that she's the very first thing that I see. She'll be mauled with hugs and kisses.

BeckiBoo: I DO hope that I have a judge that's an animal lover.

Miss Mew: You're right on the same page as I am. Scarlett was and always will be my baby. Only here have I found people that understand that. When one of my neighbors that saw the attack looked at me like I was crazy that I called Scarlett my baby, I couldn't help but think, how would she feel if her child were attacked? That's what it feels like to me. Scarlett WAS my child. I feel like cats are like people....they just have more fur and whiskers.....AND they love you unconditionally. Thank you for listening and understanding. I guess there are people in the world that love their precious cats as much as I do.
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omg i fell so bad for u ! my frand had this happin to her cat by a rottwiler and this happend in front of her house she cude not live her home for a week cuz evry time she wude wallk out she wud she her cat siting thar looking at her. id better stop or il star to cry agan!
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I'm so sorry for you.

I hope Scarlett is somewhere warm and safe now, with all the other kitties over the rainbow bridge.
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oh sweetheart, you most certainly have come to the right place. I really wish I could find the words to help take some of the pain away - I am so sorry I cant - but please know we are all here for you if you need to talk or a shoulder to lean on

sweet little Scarlett, she knows how much she is loved by you and how much you adore her I do hope everything goes okay in court and you get justice for her - but please know that Scarlett loves you no matter what she knows this was not your fault

Play happily and healthly at the bridge sweet Scarlett - watch over your Mummy and keep her safe... chase those butterflies until you get to meet again

enjoy those wings sweetheart

RIP angel Scarlett - you will be deeply missed
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How horrible! RIP Scarlett
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i hate dog owners like that! i think they should be banned from having any pets if they cant handle their behaviour and then they make it look like its the dogs foult! the dogs dont know any better
i am so sorry for your loss and that she had to die that way
but she is in a place without pain now full of hapiness
i dont expect you to get over her death
its naruraly perfect missing her the way you do because she was your child no mater what people say
RIP sweet Scarlett
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Thank you all so much! There really ARE people like me out there!

Bindi: I suppose I'm going through the same as your friend. I can't go into my backyard where it all happened. I have a picture of her that I took in a photography class and I love the picture and haven't taken it down but, it's still so hard to look at that too. So, I came up with blowing her a kiss when I see it. I don't want to erase Scarlett, but, it's still so hard to see her and imagine her there. Thank you for caring.

slitty_kittay: My user name, kitha is from my cat that I had that died and then I got Scarlett and Melanie. I now hope that kitha has welcomed Scarlett in heaven and are playing until I get there. Thank you.

huggles: Thank you so much for your kind words. It IS hard to think that I wasn't to blame since my bedroom where I was when it happened was so close. I also was the one that let her out that night.....which kills me. There were so many things that led up to that night that if one thing had changed, she'd still be here. It is comforting to know that there are people like you out there that care. Thank you.

WellingtonCats: Thank you. I hope and pray that she's happy.

cazimauw: Besides the sorrow that I have from Scarlett's loss, my next biggest thing that I'm dealing with is the anger I have for the owners. In the first few days afterwards, it took ALL of my self control not to say something to them. I don't understand why people have to have big mean dogs and then to top it off, they don't take care of them like they should? I wish there was a law that people that have incidents like this can't get any more dogs. Like a license to drive. Once you've lost the license for caring for pets, that's it. No more. Ever. I pray that Scarlett is with Kitha and is truly happy. Thank you.
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I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Scarlett in such a terrible manner! The dog owners should be held accountable, and I hope that the system supports you during this ordeal.

Please don't blame yourself. By interfering, you could have been mauled by those dogs as well. Irresponsible pet owners like the owners of those dogs make me so angry! You're going through the natural stages of grieving now, and I understand your feelings of guilt and anger completely. It will eventually pass, and you will come to the realization that Scarlett loved you and knew she was loved. She's watching over you with beautiful wings now, waiting for the day when you cross the bridge together.

Best of luck, hon. Stay strong.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. We all understand how special our cats are to us.

I would offer a caution though, if those dogs are still allowed free run, please, please, please don't let your other cat(s) outside without supervision. Bijou is allowed out only with a harness and leash and supervised just so nothing like this is likely to happen to him. It would break our hearts to lose him just like yours is breaking and especially so viciously.

Time will heal your hurt but you'll always have a special tender spot in your heart for Scarlett.
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What a sad and awful way to go

RIP sweet Scarlett
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I am terribly sorry to hear of the loss of your precious Scarlett. I just lost my little boy on Friday and am still finding it very difficult but what amazing people there are on this site - full of love and support. I've realised since I lost my little Oscar (he sounds like he was just like your Scarlett, full of life and with a huge personality) that he is at peace now and is happy and content across rainbow bridge and I'm sure him and Scarlett are probably having a whale of a time playing with each other!
In the meantime you must look after yourself and Melanie and my thoughts are with you at this tragic time, I know exactly what you must be going through.
RIP sweet Scarlett.
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