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I promised pics!

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And now that I think I've figured out how photobucket works... here they are I think I've sussed it, but it's taken a really long time for all the pics to upload... is it supposed to do that? Sorry, had to edit and add more pics because i hit the wrong button there....

Oh well... here goes

This church is well cool... you can walk up the outside of the spire

My other half... I've been dying to show you what a looker he is!

This, believe it or not, is a ticket office.

The Old Opera House beside it.

And I turned around here to look in the other direction!

Yup.... it's a bank. All Roman pillars at the front and everything!

We get some pretty sunsets (I've got lots of these pics because Rune takes as many pics as we get nice skies)!

The view from the balcony in one direction

And the other!

So far it's all nice.... this is giving me something to do while the storm goes over I'll put up some more when I get them! You know most of these pics are taken about 10 mins cycle from the apartment (that includes time for stopping at lights...) and it's really close to where I'll be working. How cool is that!?

Hope you enjoyed!
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Thanks for share my Sweet girl of Evil laughthing........
How are you going? !... nice to see a post yours!
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MUAHHAHA I'm doing great Thanks
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Neat pictures! I enjoyed them.
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ohh and where is a pciture of you??
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Originally Posted by fwan
ohh and where is a pciture of you??
....... ....:bump: this post!
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The architecture is absolutely gorgeous!
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That's what always struck me about the city... it's really pretty. Even in our little neck of the woods, there's so much interesting brick-work. It's just such a shame that people don't very often look up... I know there are pics of me on Rune's pc... but it's in the process of being re-built, i.e. it's in bits on the livingroom floor at the moment! Sorry Fran! I'll let you see asap
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What city is that? I don't know where the other side of reality is for you. I know wghere it is for but not
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Looks lovely

I especially like the pic of the Opera house....very posh!!
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Nice pics!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
The architecture is absolutely gorgeous!
I agree!
I hate to sound like a complete idiot, but where is that, London?
Lucky you, looks like a cool place to live!
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Nice pictures!
Good Bye!
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Emma - glad to see that you are happy now, and doing well with your loved one, who is indeed cute!

What a beautiful city, Copenhagen isn't it? I've always wanted to visit Denmark! It seems like such a pretty city!!!!

Yeah! Wheres that pic of you!!!
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Wow, what a beautiful city! Thanks for sharing your pics!!
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Yeah people, it's Copenhagen - I'm glad I took the photos a few days ago - we've had about three/four days of solid downpour! It's a very beautiful place to live... and visiting is jsut as special. People go out of their way to help you, and pretty much everyone under the age of about 30-35 speaks perfect English, so you're not totally alienated from the second you set foot in the town! I love this place... there's so much to see and do, always somewhere new to go and lots of people to meet. There are hundreds of cats (and not very many dogs because of living in apartment blocks) so this is a cat lovers dream home!
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What beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them!
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