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Seperation Anxiety

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I have to board my kitten this weekend
I have a 5 hour test related to my ed degree this weekend and no one to watch my little Sephiroth. This is my first weekend away from him and I it's breaking my heart to have to leave him.. but making him ride 8 hours in a hot, sweaty car wouldn't be good for him.
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Don't beat yourself up about it, I'm sure he'll be fine! Your life does have to continue in order for you to be able to afford the fresh chicken he'll get when you get home

It's natural to feel anxiety, I feel awful leaving just to go to work sometimes, but imagine his cute little furry face and the purrs you'll get when you pick him up after the weekend
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Do you know someone who could house sit for the weekend.
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oh my father could house sit..as could my brother.. but they are allergic
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How about a petsitter? It's only a weekend anyway, by the time he misses you terribly you'll be home
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I wish.. sadly I don't live near anyone I trust Sephie with who isn't allergic
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Would your Dad or your brother be able to just pop in and make sure Sephie has food and water? If it's just for the weekend you could put out an extra littler box and they wouldn't even have to do much. Just check to make sure Sephie is ok and has food and water..... My fiance's mom is allergic to Dori but when we went camping one weekend she came and did just that. She wasn't really in the house long enough to have a bad reaction. The downside is that they won't be able to play with Sephie, but I am sure he will feel much more comfortable at home.

If that's not an option make sure you wear a tshirt to bed and maybe even try and get it a little sweaty and put it in with Sephie's carrier so he has your scent with him at the vets office. That way he still feels like you are close.
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I have left my cat alone at home for a weekend with plenty of water and food and she was fine. She is not a kitten though.
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I like Tanya's suggestion. Although MILs cats are full grown, they behave like real kittens sometimes because they've got her around ALL the time, and if she has to go away we either have them here, or we just go in and change their litter, food and water. They do just fine They suffer a bit with separation anxiety, but ultimately they're jsut happy to see you home again.
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Your kitten will be fine
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