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Thank you everyone for all of the wonderful tips/tricks/product recommendations! I REALLY appreciate it all

Since I have no choice BUT to use heating products on my hair, I am eager to try out these recommended products.

Kelly, I bought that V05 Miracle! yesterday and used it last night. So far, so good though I guess I can't really tell just how well it's working right away- need to see how quickly those blasted dead ends come back.

Anyway, thanks again everyone I really value y'alls advice!
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I always use the TIGI range of hair care products, they're expensive but worth the money. When I bought my straighteners I was told to only use them a few times A WEEK. They're supposed to last until the next time you wash your hair (yeah right). I have to blow dry my hair everyday and then straighten. Its been highlighted and then dyed over the top, it's ruined basically but at least the Bed Head range make it look healthy even tho it isn't
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I usually get my hair cut every 8 weeks. I don't wash it every day though-esp when I put it up in a pony tail. Or since its been so hot I was before I go to bed and let it air dry. When I actually do something with my hair I blow dry and curling iron.
I just went to Target and bought a ceramic round hairbrush and am trying to use that as that is what my hairdresser uses. He makes it look so easy-could you perhaps use one of those instead of the flat iron??????? Currently using Aveda products on my hair and will condition every day.
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Originally Posted by ugaimes

Oh the choices!!! Is Joico a product available in stores or online?

Hey, your name is already Katherine...it won't be too much of a stretch!

Joico is a salon brand that is available at like trade secrets and regis- good line, really.
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Try and get some samples from your hairdresser and if there is a beauty product store at the mall you can get them there too. I think some of the stores like Trade Secrets will even let you return a product if you don't like it.

I really like the Pureology products, they are pricey but I get the large bottles to save a few bucks.

I am going to try that mayo thing too, sounds like a great intensive conditioner!
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