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A good note

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For all of you who have struggled to feed and nurture your feral cats, without the reward of getting a headbut or giving a pat or two, never give up.

Sicorro, one of three kittens in my feral families last litter (over a year old now), would not even come up onto the porch to eat or drink if I was there. He always waited until I went into the house.

Yesterday morning, he walked up to me, looked me square in the eyes, headbutted me and started purring. I actually reached down and petted him, and HE LOVED IT.
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That is great

I hope someday that will hapen with my feral Lucy

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Awww! That's so sweet.
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Yep! Don't ever believe you cannot tame a feral. Now granted there are most that you can't, but we have one that was feral for years and decided she wanted to become tame and come home with us! Isn't it the most rewarding feeling when this happens?!
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CONGRATULATIONS!! What incredible trust Sicorro has developed! I am very happy for you both! Thanks for sharing!!
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Awwww! I bet you were just beside yourself with joy! I'd be crying happy tears for sure!
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