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my cat hates my dog :(

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we've had our puppy for almost three months now and Maverick still detests it with a passion.

its not just that she hates it, she's terrified of him, is jealous of him and just generally doesnt want him around.

its gotten to the stage when she wont go downstairs unless i call to her and bribe her with treats.

the trouble is, i dont know how much of this is genuine fear or manipulation. she has always prefered being up stairs (in my room to be exact) as she gets one on one attention up there. she now calls to me from the top of the stairs, will come down a little and lead me back up to either my room or the bathroom (her other favorite room of choice) and throw herself on the floor to be petted.

the puppy has stopped chasing the cats but is desperate to play with them. strangely they do not appreicate this big hunk of hair and stink pawing them and barking.

Jupiter is fine with the dog with only a few hisses and swipes (no claws) when he gets too annoying. they even share treats, food and toys which the puppy presents him with!

so, how can i get Maverick to get on with the dog? every time she sees him she hisses, swipes, growls and actually spits at him. i'm worried she will take his eye out.
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I doubt this will improve until the dog gets older and calms down. In another thread about a similar situation it was recommended that the dog be given obedience training. I don't know much about dogs, but I think that's a good idea, because what I know about cats tells me that a cat is going to be afraid of a dog that's out of control and will react accordingly with defensive aggression. As you said,
strangely they do not appreicate this big hunk of hair and stink pawing them and barking.
, so you can appreciate the cat's point of view. Keep them separated until they don't see the dog as a threat any more.
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the dog has been through one course of training and is on his second course (graduate class!).

He is a border collie cross so is extremly active.

i dont think its nessecary to keep them apart as he would not hurt them, just annoy them. there is a stair gate and the cats have upstairs to themselves and also the choice of coming down (which Jupiter does every day.)

as he is a broder collie i have been warned he wont calm down until he is about three

like i said he doesnt chase them, he just wants to sniff them and get them to throw balls for him and give him treats (yes he hasnt realised they dont have opposable thumbs)

i appreciate Mav's point of view, especially as he is my brothers, not my dog i'm not a dog person thogh i do like this puppy (and he loves me best, lol).

i'm afraid she's always going to see him as a threat
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There's an article in TCS library about cat<->dog intros, I don't know if you've read it already, maybe it'll be helpful:
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Have you learned the leave it command yet? I have to use it constantly on my dogs. I'm not worried about the cats getting hurt, I'm worried that they'll kick the dog's butts.
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he's just learning leave it. he'll leave most things but with the cats he only obeys 7/10 times.

its not that he wants to hurt them, he just wants to sniff their butts!

coaster, thanks for the article. they had a good introduction but about a month after we got the puppy he chased Maverick and she's never forgiven him.

maybe it'll sort itself out as he gets older?

thanks for all your help, ideas and suggestions, keep them coming! (please!)
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Originally Posted by dicknleah
I'm worried that they'll kick the dog's butts.
me too! he got pinned in the park by a jack russell the other day and cried and wouldnt walk past a poodle.

he's such a wimp and such a softie. he just wants everyone to love and pet him and treats the cats in the same way as he treats us.
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good on you for going through training with him..This is really important.

Is he crate-trained? This is a good way to intro his smells and a way for Mav to investigate while not feeling threatened...

Another idea for an exuberant puppy is to leash the puppy to you (clip the leash on to your belt loop) until he is fully trained. Many trainers use this method for all sorts of reasons, not only cats... If Mav attempts to come down the stairs and sees the puppy there waiting, I can understand her reluctance...

She may get used to him ONLY if there are repeated circumstances of him NOT chasing her or going up to her while they are in the same room. She may only start to feel comfortable when she knows she can walk up to him (not the other way round).

Good Luck!
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