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Steves been replaced...

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LOL by ALL The kitties.....its been gradual while hes been away for a couple days, i had three the first night, and about 7 last night...well tonight as i was watchign crossing jordan...I had ALL 13 kitties on the bed sleeping, lol and they sure did just now give me a dirty look.....when i got up..lol i guess i better get back to bed.
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LOL! That's cute! Elmo is plonked out on my lap right now and when I'm reading a post I pat him but when I go to reply I obviousely stop patting him so he reaches up and pats my face!
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LOL yeah, Ms Dutchy..the Royal Highness of the home just walked into the livign room and mewed like "HELOOOO WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?"...hmm i wonder whats next..throwing things at me?

uh...oh...nope..she sent in the fluff ball...Lace..
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hehehehehe you got to love the characters that each cat has and develops... that must be something really interesting about having so many cats - you can see each of their characters in comparison to one another - when you only have one or two, you get used to their little quirks and pass them off as almost normal.
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Oh yes they all have a very diffrent personality. and I love watching them. I talk to them all the time, lol i think some people think i am a weirdo. *lol* I know all of their little quirks even with so many since i am a working stay at home mewommy heh. But yes they each have their own way of doing things and telling me things. I just think its funny that steve really has been replaced on the bed while hes been gone! LOL..usually we have one or two that will sleep on the bed for some part of the night..but he left and its all about MOM, lol.

Well..Boss woman is back..and she brought re-enforcement. her little girl Calpurina I better get to bed!
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Awwww how cute is that!.

And fancy disturbing them! Shame on you mum!!
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