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Dani Night Stalker, Drama Queen

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Dani Night Stalker demands a toll whenever I enter the house. No other member of the household is expected to pet Dani AS SOON AS they cross the
threshold... just me! Does it matter that both hands are full and I had to open the door with the key in my mouth? Nope, no excuses are accepted. Many a night I've had to leap over her to get to the bathroom only to find her sitting outside the bathroom door waiting for me. I swear I half expect her to be out there patting her little foot on the carpet.

Well, last night I walked into the house and did the unthinkable -- I completely ignored Dani. I stopped and chatted with my roommates while Dani lay sprawled on the floor in front of me, occasionally looking up quite indignantly. Finally, I reached down but she jumped up and ran to the other side of the room. To add insult to injury, I just continued my conversation.

Dani finally returned and sprawled down to be petted but by now I'm really engrossed in the conversation and am only vaguely aware of her in my peripheral vision. Dani gets up and, meowing loudly, rubs against my legs. First the left and then the right. Finally, she'd apparently had enough of being ignored. She laid down on her side and curled herself around my left ankle. As I looked down at this ball of black fur, front and back legs scratching away at my pant leg, she turns her little head up and with those huge yellow eyes seems to ask, are you going to pay any attention to me now?

Not surprisingly, Dani got her "pets" and then happily strolled across the room to lay down and watch me with her tail wrapped around her and her front paws curled under her looking much like a little Chia pet.

I certainly got a cat with personality and all the sublety of a sledgehammer. Jeez :laughing2:

JoJo & Dani Night Stalker
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Ha ha ha ha! That's a cute story. Snowball is always really happy when I get home too. One day he really got underfoot when I was busy and I accidently stepped on him three times in five minutes. OUCH!!!! I wound up feeling sorry for the poor cat, but fortunately, Snowball was quick to forgive!
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That is sooo cute!! As much as its annoying when they are around your feet all the time... ya just gotta love it!!! I get real worried if they don't pester me!! ha ha ha ha... just a funny story for you..(not really the same... but cute anyhow!) Last night my Dad came to saty the night as he was working up near where we live, it was late when he arrived so we pretty much went straight to bed... me and hubby went round putting all the cats out, and went to bed. anyway, about five mins later I hear my Dad making a strange noise... he comes outof his bedroom saying theres someone in his bed!!! Anyway, I get up, go into the bedroom pull back the covers and there in the middle of the bed totoally underneath the duvet, lays Bod, on his back, paws in the air snoring loudly...!! ha ah ha ha ha a... it was just too sute to see him in there!! He was not amuse when we put him out..... ha ha ha ha ha..
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By the third time I bet Snowball was wondering just how accidental was it. Cats are so very forgiving. I guess that's what unconditional love really means.

I felt sorry for poor Bod though, kicked out from his nice warm nap... too funny. Dani sleeps on top of covers and once in a while does sleep on her back. I want a picture sooo badly but she wakes up as soon as I get up to get the camera.
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JoJo...that was a cute story about Dani, and Rhea....I bet your dad was really surprised when he felt that little warm furry body brush up against him! :LOL:
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