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Mexico Vacation

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Posting the pic of the pups in Cabo San Lucas made me want to go back, since I can't, I made an album of my vacation and thought I'd share it.

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Nice Photo's Cleo!!!!

Yep I can see from the pic that the church would be beautiful. That whole area looks pretty. And I love the cactus plants!

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Thanks for sharing those Diane! I've never been to Mexico but I would love to go one day.
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Looks like it was a fun trip
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WOW!!! How do you take such good pics woman?!!! All mine always turn out real crappy!! ha ha ha ha... it looks like a fantastic place and you had a great time!! I would ove to try parasailing.... they had it in the Domican when I went, but (apparently) it was a bit dodgy and there had been lots of accidents.... Oh well.... maybe next time!!
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WOW What wonderful pictures....now I want to go there. Looks liek you had an amazing time!
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Cleo....those pictures are breathtaking!!! I love the one of the sunrise!!! And it looks like you were having a great time at parasailing!
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This just popped into my head(ouch). I'm not being a Smart A-- here.
Since we Gringos have problems with Mexican foods and water due to parasites,etc is the reverse true also. Since their systems have adjusted to their conditions do people from Mexico have troubles with our water,etc??
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