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My Foley boy

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He's our 4 year old (or about ) stinker!
This was taken while he was sitting on my pregnant belly over 3 years ago .. I guess I give off the "Mommy Vibe" when Im pregnant .. really makes it hard to surprise my hubby as hes done it now all 3 times! (Im currently 4 months with the 3rd) LOL

Titled: "What You Lookin At?!" by husband, Jarrett

This one we call the 'batman' one ...
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What a purrrrty boy you have and congrats on the upcoming addition to your household
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prety kitty
thanx for sharing
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Love the "surprised" look!
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Great pics!!!
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What a cutie!
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Awww, what a cute face!!
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Aw cute!
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