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Urgent help! Mucous Leaking???

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I suspected my kitten (10 week old) had worms. He was scooting his butt on the carpet, had diarrhea, etc. So I took him to the vet on Wednesday and had him dewormed. He had no more diarrhea and I never actually saw any worms so I figured he was ok. But tonight, he started having clear mucous leaking from his anus. I am so lost on what could be causing this. He has another appt. on Monday morning but if someone could please help me before then, I would appreciate it. I have a 17 month old daughter and I am 6 months pregnant so I am worried about either her or I getting sick possibly. Please help!!!!
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Wow wish I could help. Call an emergency vet or call him and talk to him and see what he says. He may need to be seen. I am not for sure if thats the worms or not leaving his body. hate to tell you when I don't know. But I would be worried. Any blood in teh stool or anything?
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i just read on anothe post that alady had her kittens done with medication there was some mucus and they said it hard gardia? But they were also throwing up and stuff. I would not go assuming since its the first time this has been seen.
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Take a look at this and read. Some info
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Are you sure it's not fluid from his anal gland? They scoot thier butts when they have a full anal gland and it probably needs to be squeezed. A simple procedure and a simple cure!
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I didn't read the post well enough I see that the cat has worms. It may have coccidia too. Cociddia attacks the intestinal lining and mucous does tend to come out, sometimes instead of poo when the cat has coccidia <~~~~(spelling?)
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he probably has a blocked anal gland. I know this may sound disgusting(and it is) but when you see the leakage dab alittle on a tissue or something and smell it. It will smell like nothing you have ever smelled before in your life. Your kitty scooching is probably just trying to express it on her own. I had to take one of mine to the vet every six months or so to have her glands expressed. Finally the vet just showed me how to do it. I did it once on my own, then the next time right back to the vet, it smells wayyyyy to nasty.
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