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Food Intake Question

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Hi all,
Hope this is not a redundant question but I have to ask, How many times a day do your cats eat? I feed my 1 year old males once in the morning with a bowl of dry food and a can of wet split amongst them. Then at night I give them a bowl of dry food. However, they always seem to be hungry. Am I not feeding them enough? Thanks for the help!
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Why not leve dry down 24/7 - cats are grassers and they will munch a little all day long.

Persoanlly I I leave dry down 24/7 and feed a 1/2 3oz can 2x a day. Works perfectly for me.
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If they've got a good body shape, are health, and are maintaining their weight, you're feeding them enough. Cats are ALWAYS hungry!!
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Our cats are free fed dry food (Royal Canin Persian, of course!)
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I leave the dry food out all day for Lucas, and feed him one of the pouches once a day. He is not ALWAYS hungry, unless it's my food (which is a no-no here). He attacks the pouches but eats the dry a little bit at a time. Being here 2 months next week, he has gained weight and could still afford to gain another pound (he was underweight when I got him, now he still looks on the skinny side).
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