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Awww gotta love Kahu!

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Well, youse all know how cats love to be petted when they are in the right mood? Kahu absolutely loves being petted!

He is the kind of cat that will wake us up by pawing at us until we get up so we can feed him his wet food - that is usually at 5 45am!!! I dont know how he keeps the same time every morning? I guess he waits for the sun to rise?

Anyway, now he has started pawing at us for pettings and when we pet him, he pets us back on the head and face. I guess it feels so good to him that he wants to reciprocate. Its actually quite cute, me petting his head and him petting my head and face. No claws are involved.

Now lets all say a big collective Awwwwww!
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Kahu is one of those kitties who has touched my heart since you first brought him home, Kellye. (Honestly, when you weren't sure if you could move them to NZ with you, I actually asked Earl if we could adopt Kahu and Peedoodle!) Now this just makes me love him even more from afar.
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Aw Kellye! That is so sweet!
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Having had the privilege of sharing my life with a kitty who was a face patter (RB Gryphon) I know just how special that is and my is melting all over my keyboard! Give the sweetie scritches for me, if you would!
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That is so sweet.
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That's so sweet. We get face pats and "hair combing", not to mention our ears cleaned with a sandpaper tongue. I guess they really do think we're big, awkward, half-bald cats with poor hunting skills.
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Awww...so cute! Mittens does this when he hops on our bed and wants to be cute...I think. I can't tell why he actually does this. He gets on the bed and starts "kneading" the blanket right next to our side. I guess he's saying " Love you!"
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Kellye, that is the cutest thing I have heard in a LONG time! 3 cheers for Kahu! Hip! Hip! Hooooraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
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Awwwwww! Kahu, what a sweet boy you are!
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