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So... how do YOUR cats act when it's dinner time? Lol! - Page 2

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Pixie does the whole rubbing against my legs act and will meow a little, but she's not too bad with the starving routine.

Milo, on the other hand, is the worst. He yells, he whines, he headbutts me, and acts like a total mental case, lol. When I take out the bag of dry food, he'll try to grab it from my hands like I'm just too slow and he hasn't eaten in days. Wet food is even worse. Let's just say he was so excited last night that half the pouch wound up on the floor, bc he tried to pour the food out faster. Silly, silly kid he is.
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When I open a can of wet food, all three come running. The girls are pretty patient, but not Pete. It's the one time he's very vocal. Also, he's generally pretty shy around strangers, but anybody could open a can of food at my house and instantly become his best friend. That's my boy!
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Mine come running at top speed as soon as they hear the rattling of the dry food or see the wet food in my hand. Then once it's in the bowl they act like they haven't eaten in days, but usually only eat for less than a minute before wandering to do something else and then returning later.
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Mitts is a screamer! He meows as loud as he can while head butting my leg!

It's very cute.
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Mine are on a canned-only diet, one is on a special diet. So it takes me a few minutes to get the plates out, get the cans out & separated.

In those few minutes I hear more meows, mews, screams, purrs, cackles and begging cries than anyone can imagine. I hear cats smacking each other for 'the chance to be first'. They stare at me with eyes large as saucers, as if they haven't eaten in daaaaays.

Then finally when the plates go down, the snorting/gulping sounds are kind of funny... they realize 'oh this is just regular cat food' and slow down... then go off to sleep again.

Imagine when I bake fish or chicken. They always get their own piece but the eyes get wide & the sounds get weirder!
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Well, Chichi gets all anxious around the kitchen, meows and rubs against my legs like a normal cat as if she waits for her food. Then when I put it down for her, she sniffs it, covers it up with dry food and makes digging/cover up motion just like she does with her litter only this time there is nothing to cover it up with except for the dry food in the adjacent dish. Sometimes if her toy paper bag is around she'll bring it in and cover her dish entirely with the paper bag and goes about her business. When I come home after a while, her food is gone.
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They both know where I keep thier food, all I have to do is shake the box, and they about trip me before I even get to the bowl.....they don't even wait for me to shake the box/bag...they hear the door to the cabinet when I open it!

They're so funny!
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All of a sudden they forget their differences and they all love each other and go into a frenzy of rubbing up against each other and my ankles, and meowing at me.
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Kandie sits there for a while then she starts the I am so unloved speech which signals Zoey to get up and sniff Kandie...lol... I get the can or wet food out and into bowls as quick as I can
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Mine are a mix of the first two. Willow is patient, but if you hold a treat anywhere near her, she'll swipe at it and to heck if your hand gets snagged by a nail. But if you make her wait, she'll wait, but if you give her a chance, she'll rip you to shreds in her efforts to get the food (she may not mean to rip you to shreds, you just happen to be a liability)

Buffy's pretty patient. She's not a savage like Willow. If anything, she's really delicate about eating. Give her something, she'll take it ever so gently (afraid of nibbling human skin, perhaps? She's never liked taking food from our fingers) and then will eat. When we're cleaning up her food bowl, putting fresh water and food in it, she'll sit on her placemat and wait for the food to return. When you do return, she keeps sitting there, so you have to start calling, "Excuse me Buffy, 'scuse me!" and slowly lower the bowl. She'll eventually get the hint and move before the bowl can crush her to death
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Isabella, the oldest, is usually very patient. But the two kittens, Taz & Cuddles, are not patient AT ALL! They wake us up in the morning and remind us about 1/2 hour before dinner time in the evenings. They jump around and act nutty until their food is in the bowls.
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