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what are you cats afraid of?

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what are you cats afraid of? my cat sapphie is afraid of all water, vacuum cleaners, and loud noises?
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balyee and baby arent really scared of much, but brandy is scared of almost everything.
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Kitters is scared of all other animals! She also doesn't like water though she thinks watching me take a bath is especially facinating.
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Vacuum cleaner. Kitten, dog and little boy all run for cover every time!
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Willow's afraid of a lot of things. She's just a naturally skittish kitty, and if she sees something she doesn't recognize, she'll ignore everyone until she's checked it out (while doing that head-bob thing that cats do when they're unsure about something).

Buffy's not afraid of much, except the vacuum cleaner (but that's not too odd, Willow and Jake, my dog, are afraid of it too). Buffy went outside today while I did the dishes, and at some point it rained. It was just a quick rain, maybe 30 seconds (I think that since the sidewalk had only a few splats here and there, not enough to completely cover the sidewalk). I didn't know it had rained, so when I finished the dishes and went to go check on Buffy, I didnt' see her, but I saw the rain drops. So I go outside, look to where I had last seen her a few minutes ago (the garden by the front door) and didn't see her. So a "Buffyyyyyyyyy!" came out, and here comes Buffy, running lickedy split from somewhere in the direction of my neighbour's tree (I think she might have been hiding near it, possibly would have crossed the sidewalk if I hadn't come right then and there). "Save me, mommy!" So I picked her up when she stopped next to me, brought her inside, and gave her a good scrubdown with a towel. Apparantly she doesn't like getting rubbed down with a towel as much as my dog does, but she held still long enough for me to dry her.
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vacuum cleaners, going to the vets and strangers but they are still kittens
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Red Cat and Purdy are scared of PEOPLE more than anything else! They run and hide behind the furnace if they so much as hear a car coming in the driveway, let alone if someone walks over and rings the doorbell. They are still afraid of my next door neighbor, who has lived there for three years, although if the neighbors are inside, they will go look in their windows or sprawl out on their railing.

They are so afraid of people (who occupy vehicles) that I have had little fear of them being run over when I let them outside. If they hear a car coming, they run and hide in the woods.

And, like most cats, all three of my cats are deathly afraid of the vacuum cleaner and the hair dryer. All three are afraid of being put in the carrier, as that means a trip to the vets or the groomer.
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Loud noises, water, the vacum, dogs, the vet, other cats
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Peanut Butter is scared to death of thunder and lightening, little chickensh*t that he is. His ears go back and he darts around the house crouched down with his belly on the ground. He hides under things when a thunderbolt sounds and and if he wore pants he'd probably pee those when lightening crashed! silly cat! so far thats all hes afraid of-- hes a daredevil in most other respects.
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Zoe hides from noises she can't "see". Like outside the front door. Now if it's out back, she heads for the glass door for a look. There's not much else that she's really scared of. She's cautious, but once she figures out that something isn't going to hurt her she checks it out.
Miss Kitty is afraid of large, strange objects. She hisses at the landlord if he brings a tool box. She hissed at me and my step-dad when we were moving my stuff in. She won't run and hide, but she'll hiss.
And of course, they both HATE the vacuum cleaner. They see me go for the closet and they hide. lol
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Samson & Emmy aren't afraid of a huge amount. They don't like the vacuum, but won't run away from it. In fact, if I bring the hose attachment near either of them, they'll actually stand their ground and take some swats at it!
Samson's got a pretty good left-right-left swing combo.
Ranger, on the other hand, is afraid of almost everything, vacuum cleaner, thunder, loud trucks, etc., that when he hears any of those, he instantly starts looking for a way under the couch!! He will also scare himself. He'll chase one of the other two cats, and he'll end up with the puffy tail. He's my little cowardly lion.
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Reilly is afraid of alot of stuff...even though his daddy says he's a macho boy!

- the vacuum cleaner
- the cat carrier (he pees everytime I have to put him in it)
- other cats
- other people
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Both of mine are afraid of the vacuum cleaner but they love my electric razor and try to get between it and my legs. Go figure! I've heard of cats who don't mind having the vacuum cleaner run over their fur to groom them. Is anyone lucky enough to have a cat like that?
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The dog!

And they really don't like vacuum cleaners - I think that is a universal cat dislike!! Sunday is very mellow and not much bothers her, but Sashka is a flighty little girl and tends to jump at shadows...
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I used to have a cat who didn't give a damn about the VC, in fact we used it on her tail!

This little miss goes and jumps on the sofa with a big puffy tail but doesn't mind my hair dryer.
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Orei- Everything. He's a fearful little boy.

Princess- The vacuum cleaner ( I don't know of a cat that isn't) and the rats!
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This little 16.5 lb boy is afraid of everything And I have no idea why, he's the biggest sweetheart, but what a baby

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Katie is afraid of the vacuum, loud noises, Dogs, and water.
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Mine are afraid of me, when I put my shoes on!! UH-Ohhhh...THAT is the signal that I am LEAVING THE HOUSE (and they can't go with me!! )
Ohhhhhh...and the vacuum cleaner too!
(although my Spikey, did NOT ever run from that vacuum cleaner, like Missy does! NOPE!! Spike FACED his fears!!!!!! He'd run up to it and BITE the vacuum cleaner and then stalk off with his tail straight up!!! )
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Outdoors.. he likes to look outside, but is terrified of actually being outside. The other thing is his carrier. Just the sight of it or sound of it opening will send him hiding.
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Oliver joins the vacuum cleaner crowd... he used to run under my bed when he lived at my parents, but at school, there's a trundle bed under my daybed so he used to run in the one closet... he's gotten better though and when he sees me clean up his toys (the cue that the vacuum is coming out) he sits up on my bed or desk and watches.... he also doesn't like dogs - my big black lab would want to play, but her loudness and size scared him and he'd growl at her... the other day, something left in my overnight bag scared him - don't know what it was but the tail puffed up and he jumped about a half mile straight backwards! He's not fond of thunder either... he won't run and hide or puff his tail, but he will be attached to my side like "Mommy don't leave me right now!" and won't go near his window til it's over
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YY is pretty brave but she is not keen on the vacuum cleaner. (Now my brother's lab who was just vsiiting will allow me to vaccum him directly!).
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The vacum cleaner, hair dryer, loud noises, the doorbell, people they don't know and me when I put on my heavy winter coat to go out and shovel snow.
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The vacuum, of course. Bob isn't too bad if he's on the back of the couch, but Freckles will run every time. Bob doesn't like the microwave. He'll sit in the chair nearby and hiss at it! He's especially upset when I make popcorn.
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Vicket is afraid of everything - not many people believe I have four cats! Jazzie and Mitz don't like the vaccum and if anything breaks or falls they're never in the room by the time it hits the floor. Jake is scared of absolutely nothing. I came home once to find the cleaner lifting up his tail and paws one at a time to hoover underneath them as he lay on the sofa, which his majesty was most graciously permitting..... LOL she said he does that every time.
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Jessie is extremely afraid of my Mother. I left for 3 days and mom house-sat/kid-sat/cat-sat for me; Jessie was SO FRIGHTENED of my mother she did NOT come out and eat or anything!!!

Dusty is afraid of the word "Chihuahua". If you say that word, in ANY type of voice, even a sweet voice --- she takes off running and has a really weird look on her face. I have scolded my daughter about this but every now and then Emmy does it to get a kick out of watching Dusty run.

K.C. fears kids. K.C. only likes me and other grown ups. If she sees a child upstairs, she hides and does not come out.

Zorro, Hammie and Snickers fear NOTHING. They are bold, daring; adventurous and little daredevils.
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i guess a lot of cats are afraid of vacuum cleaners
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We live in an apartment, and the one thing that all our cats are afraid of is the sound of a neighbor running their garbage disposal. It creates a grinding sound in the pipes. We call it the "pipe monster"! Our big red tabby Dubya is paradoxically the bravest of the four but also the jumpiest, he startles easily and executes a perfect four footed backwards spring at the slightest thing, but he recovers quickly and will usually smack whatever startled him. Our fourth cat Tiger came to us as a stray, probably abandoned, and she is afraid of other people and of leaving our apartment. Also, we have a ceiling fan that's a bit too close to one of our first girl's favorite perching spots, she won't go up there when it's running.
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A few of my cats are afraid of any new visitor in our house. Otherwise, the only other thing that sends them running is when mommy and daddy are raising their voice at each other.
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Elliot is wary of strangers. He will let a woman approach him and sniff their fingers and let them pet him. If a man approaches him it can go either way. If a man or a woman is wearing a hat however, he will hightail it out of the room as fast as he can. This basically is attributed to the fact that my mom's boyfriend does not like him (or all cats basically) though he seems to have a hatred for orange cats more than any other cats, because though he wont admit it, he likes aerowyn and will pet and play with her. Elliot tries to please him by rubbing up against his legs when he isnt paying attention, but my mom says he is just trying to goad her boyfriend. I dont think so, I think eh only wants to make friends. If I am holding elliot and a man in a hat comes too near him, he will freak out and try to get away. I asked my uncle to expermientally try to pet him, and my thoughts were confirmed when elliot swatted at him and hissed. He didnt hiss at my mom's boyfriend's mom when she tried to pet him, and he was wary but ok with the male vet that checked him out when he had giardia, but he wasnt wearing a hat.

They both get frightened of regular objects for no reason... like the other day they were affraid of one of my sandals... elliot approached it sniffing and jumped back when I moved. They do this to anything. Their toys, plastic bags, my mom's purse, a penny on the floor. Sometimes I go "PSHHHT!" really loud and they jump back like two feet, then snort and give me a look. Sometimes they do it to get my attention though, because I will always look to see what they are afraid of.

Both are deathly afraid of the vaccum. Once I didnt know aerowyn was in the bathroom behind the toilet when I was cleaning... I had sneezed and thrust the vaccum hose behind the toilet, and there she was attempting to climb up the walls and get away from it, and ended up bouncing all over the bathroom and broke my plant, knocked stuff off the walls, then proceeded to jump up and down the door before I could turn it off. Her fur was all puffed up and it was kind of cute. She clung to me for dear life and peaked over my shoulder at the vaccum. Usually though they will sit about ten feet away from the vaccum and watch me use it. Aerowyn and Elliot both bat the hell out of the hose if it comes near them and they havent run away though. Aerowyn is so small she must think she will get sucked into it. Its funny to see elliot waddle away with his fat little tummy sacks.

Elliot is afraid of children, will run away. Aerowyn is wary, but doesnt bite/scratch just kind of sits there and takes it (neither of them are around children very much at all) Both are afraid of dogs and puppies, but elliot would take a puppy/dog any day over a child, where as aerowyn would take a child over a puppy/dog.

They both dont really like loud people. I am quiet myself, and my mom is loud, but she is in the house all the time so they know her. Sometimes when people come in and talk to the kitties in loud high pitched voices they freak out.

They arent really afraid of water, I can give them baths no problem, though they both look traumatized and slowly pick up their paws and walk slowly to the edge of the tub, and if they can get there they will jump out. If I am holding one of them and I go over to the sink for something they will look down and cling to me for dear life.

Sheesh.. I always type so much.. good thing I dont type constantly in every thread eh?
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