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My neko Snickerz iz hurt... i dunno waz wrong wiz her. She iz kitten, and mayB a month or so old.. she getz brought inside a lot, and her mom not want anything 2 do wiz her anymor. She waz inside most of 2day then put outside by my mom, but sumthin happenz to her. I come home n shez inside wiz a tooth mizzing n she cannot cloze her mouth. Idk if she haz broken jaw or not... mayB sumthin juz happen and she temporarily cant cloze her mouth... or what.. doez NE1 have a clue what 2 do?? I cant take her to vet bkuz we have not enough money 2 help her... but we can pray 4 her a lot.. I juz wants her to be OK...
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Snickerz needs immediate Veterinary attention! Please get an adult to take her to the emergency Vet NOW! Your Vet will most likely work out a payment plan with you.
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Have you taken her to a vet???
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Sounds like she got hit by a moving vehicle, take her to the vet immediately,

and please when you post use english, not netspeak. Posts such as yours are hard to follow when they are posted this way.

I hope you have taken her to the vet by now and that she has survived the encounter she had.
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Definitely take her to the vet!!! No one should own pets if they can't afford veterinary care -- emergencies happen and the pet should not have to suffer because you just can't afford it! Work out a payment plan, but if you don't want to loose your kitty take her to the vet!!
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I can see you are very sad. This must be very hard. I hope your kitty is OK. It's not your fault that your parents can't afford to take her to the vet.
Could you try to and call the local animal shelter/hospital? They might be able to help you. You can look in the phone book, or check on the net for the shelter/hospital in your local area. I'm in Australia so I'm not really sure who you would go to in the U.S.
Let us know what happens. I'll be sending good vibes, and praying for her.
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Your kitten could have a dislocated or broken jaw and could be in pain and not be able to eat because of this. This will not correct itself. Please have this checked by a vet. If you cannot afford the cost look into these sites which may help. I've also sent you a private message.Check your Inbox.

members5.boardhost.com/AcmeHouseOfCats - they have an Acme Fund



This is an organization that will try very hard to help you if you cannot afford vet bills once in a while. Or maybe you find a hurt or sick stray that needs medical help. They're called Help-A-Pet

If you can't afford credit for pet vet bills:
Care Credit: http://www.carecredit.com
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Even if you cannot afford the care of the cat, you can release custody of the cat to animal control/ the humane society in your area and they will either take care of the animal as it needs to be OR they will put it down if it is more humane to do so. If you can't care for a pet, please be responsible enough to let someone who can take care of it.
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