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Originally Posted by ilovejoelyo
yea howl and bark, my friend has 2 beagles, and my other one down the street has one. You can hear them from my house.

That's what my hubby wanted, but I raised Bassets for years, they are great kick back dogs, wonderful family pets
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These are my two babies a few years ago. Lili, the rat terrier, was the smartest dog I've ever known, she was my childhood dog, died at 13 in 2001 from lung cancer. She died two weeks after getting sick and being diagnosed and even though she started on chemo right away, she was too weak to survive, as the cancer had already spread.

The mini poodle, Bingo, is now 9 years old, though he'll always be the baby, he used to follow Lili everywhere and copied her on everything -- luckily she was incredibly intelligent and well behaved, so he learned some very good manners! He lives with my parents, in Brazil.

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I love this thread! Adorable pictures of all the doggies out there.

Here are some of my present and past pooches:

Sam and Spike before they were full grown. I wouldn't try this now that they are 150 pounds collectively:

Sam with his buddy Stumpy:

Spike as a puppy looking in as Stumpy looks out laughingly:

My gang from about 14 years ago. I call this picture "Naptime". All have crossed and we're missing 1 dog (Nita) and about 5 cats. Clockwise from top: Me with Jethro, Doug (greyhound), Ellie Mae (under the coffee table), Tyler (greyhound), Bogart and Natasha (just lost Bogart last year - he's my avatar):

Nita - lost her young to a non-treatable painful spinal problem. She was part German Shepard, part ?:

Ellie Mae - she knew where her place was in relation to us (crossed 2 years ago to cancer):

And Ellie Mae's companion Jethro (crossed about 5 years ago):

And Doug, our massive greyhound that loved the cats. Here he is with Bogart as a kitten:

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Originally Posted by dicknleah
Ya know.....Petfinder lists alot of rescues.
Petfinder is where I found Brynna! I still visit the site often just to ooooh and ahhhh over the listings!
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Thanks everybody for the Beagle info

Still considering it. A dogs barking/howling doesn't bother me too much and my next door neighbours love it. If I yell out to Jazz to shut up they say no don't say that she's letting us know strange people are in our street.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
And this is probably my most favorite picture of him (in black and white). I may actually get it blown up and framed. 10 months old here.
Arlyn this is an unbeLIEVable photo - completely captures his essence. Maybe the Native Americans are right, and photos really do steal your soul; you can sure see right to his in this shot.
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Thank you!
The picture lies though
He saw a squirrel and was following it, about two seconds later, he dove after it,ran out to the end of his tie out and flipped himself over backwards
He's not the sharpest dog ever, but he's my baby.
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Amen to the husky howl! LOL we get that and the Basset ARROOOO everyday here hehe music to our ears.
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Any more pics, anyone?
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I already posted, but what the heck, here's a few more

Like Arlyn's dog, Jake was following something, but instead of a squirrel, it was a bee he had lunged at only moments before

Happy to get outside for 15 minutes, and without his cone to boot!

Lying back

Oh yeah, baby, lemme feel that wind on these here cheeks!

Oh crap, it's time to go back in
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*can't resist posting pics*

This is my oldest dog, Gemma, she's 10, she was kicked out of a speeding car and broke her hip and then disappeared before we could help her-but reappeared some time later and sat on our doorstep on halloween night, dripping wet and terrified from the fireworks.
Her hip had healed already, badly, and we said 'we'd take her in for the night' Thats been about 9 years now
Her hip was improved by surgery but she still has a gimpy walk

This is my baby Spencer, he is my shadow. I got a call about 3 years ago from the animal shelter (where I now work ) begging me to come look at a young collie in need of a very special home. (the boss already knew of me)

He had been locked up all his life and beaten and my boss bought him because he was dying from sunstroke in a trailor at a fete.
I took him home and he attached himself to me and wouldn't leave my side for days. Border collies apparently choose a 'shepherd' and he chose me.
He is a lot better now but still very giddy and jumpy around strangers.

And the newest bud is Joey, a 2 year old westie we got at 8 weeks old with hip dysplasia, and he had to get both hips done at 6 months because they were already crumbling. He's a little git

So they are my doggies

Everyone has such pretty little buds
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Was just recently informed about this thread- Here are Vader and Snow

post #73 of 78 my dear sweet Scamper. The reason I do what I do and of course the name sake of everything i do..

I miss her dearly..

its a picture of a picture..its my framed photo of her..on my desk.

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Love the new pics!!
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This was my sweet baby Melvin before I decided he was a little more than I could handle.

He was just too much of a hand full always into everything and had major seperate issues so I had to give him back to the person who gave him to me. But the the great news is that Melvin has gone onto become a therapy dog and works in a nursing home now with the eldery and is great at it. I'm so happy that the little fellow found his place in life even if it broke my heart that it wasn't with me.
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
I want a beagle or a beagle mix dog. Are they easy to train?

What a beauty!
Kind of if u know what your doing. But Cinco was already atleast mostly trained(sit,lay down etc.)when we adopted him. We just need to work on his manners(not to jump when he sees the leash etc)
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Just some new pics!


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Originally Posted by CJandBilly
This is a small pic of my puppy Thunder

He was the best dog anyone could ask for. I miss him terribly. I have better pics of him, but they're on my other computer. I'll post them later. He was 13 in this pic. It was taken months before he passed.

Let this be a reminder to all dog owners.... use heartworm prevention.... you'll be glad you did.

I FINALLY got the pic! Here it is. I made this about a week after he died. If you can't read the font, it says, "You were the best friend anyone could ever have. You will never be forgotten. In Loving Memory, Thunder"

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