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Hello to everyone

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Just wanted to say hello to all. I have had quite a time with tendonitus and had to stay off the cp for quite some time. It is improving but cant stay on too long. Thanks to Hissy for your prayers.

I never got a chance to let you know I had to find a home for Rocky. I am afraid he was just too wild for us. He was extremely active all the time, running constantly and onto and into everything. His health was checked and he was fine. The vet said he looked like he had maybe Siamese or something like that in him. He got a good home through a lady who does cat rescues and such. From her we got a little female tabby. Her name is Nellie and she is very sweet and relaxed and gets along well with Gabby.

Here is a pic. Hope all is well with everyone.
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Welcome Back
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Welcome back - I am so glad that everything worked out! Must have been hard though.
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Welcome back Elenor. I hope you join us in our discussions. We are glad you are back and I am glad you are feeling better.
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Welcome back Elinor! Good to see you. Your cat Nellie is really beautiful. I would like to see a picture of Gabby too. Here is a present for your welcome back.
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I'm sure it was hard to say good-bye to Rocky, but it sounds like a good swap was made. Little Nellie is quite a cutie.
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Welcome back!! Good to see you again! What a cutie your new addition is!! Sorry you had to let Rocky go, Im sure it was a hard decision... but Im sure he's found a wonderful home that will take great care of the little guy... all the best for your new comer!!
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Hi there Elinor glad to here the tendonitus is getting a bit better. Nellie looks like a true lady.
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Thanks to everyone for the kind replys. And thankyou Alicia for posting that cute pic. Is that one of your cats? Rocky is in a good home. The lady who got him the home matches the cats to the people pretty well. She asked me a lot of questions about him. I am a nervous type and Rocky was just a little too much for me to handle. The people who have him knew what he was like as I new a lot about Nellie when I got her. She had a bio and everything telling us all about her personality.
Anyway I hope to be back here a lot more now.There are a lot of new people here as well to get to know. Bye for now.
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Elinor!!!! It is so good to see you back!!! I have missed you, and was wondering how you were doing! I am thrilled to hear you are better now, and will be online with us more now.
Nellie is very beautiful, and I love the name! Welcome back!
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Elinor- no, I found the picture of the net. I don't think Rascal would play with the bird, just eat it for lunch. The picture does remind me of Rascal in play.
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Hi Elinor :daisy:

It's nice to see you back and I'm glad to hear that all's worked out well for you and for Rocky :angel2: Have great love and fun with your new baby!

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