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New cat scared to death...

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hi, I just found your webside and I hope that I can get some advice...
We just got a new kitten yesterday (7 weeks) and it is scared to death. So far, it is hidding under the couch or sitting behind the washing machine. I work in a Veterinay office and thought that I know how to handle cats (I have 2 adult cats), but this one leaves me stunned.
My whole family has tried so far but by now I don't know if it is better to just leave the little guy alone or get him out again .
Any advice ? Thanks a lot in advance...
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Poor little thing! I'm sure he is scared to death. His whole world has just been turned upside down, and he's not sure what to do. He's not sure if you want to eat him or not, and he's in this strange place that he's never been in before. It's better to hide out than risk whatever dangers may lurk there.

OK, that's from his perspective. For you, the best thing to do is to attend to his needs - food, water, litterbox - and leave him alone. Don't try to grab him and love on him. He is scared, and he needs to decompress from all of the changes that have happened to him. He needs to understand that you are not a predator (reaching for him will make him see you as a predator), and to do that you have to ignore him. Sit in the room and read softly out loud. He will probably come out to eat and drink and potty when the world is quiet and dark, when he feels safe. Set a schedule for him in whichever room he's confined in to bring in food, water, scoop litter, and sit with him. As young as he is, it shouldn't take too long for curiosity to get the better of him. But let him make the first move toward you when he does come out.
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Thank you so much...
Since I wrote the first message, we have moved the little guy (Lucky) into my daughters room which is filled with stuffed animals.
In the last two hours, he started playing softly with my daughters toes and started eating.
Both my kids (12 and 9) are very dedicated to make him as feel as comfortable as possibe and they are doing a great job..
I guess that Lucky is going to stay in that room for the next couple of days until he feels completly save. Our other 2 cats are not too thrilled about the new addition but we are taking it slow.
Thanks again for your input.
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maybe you should try introducing him to his new place more slowly. keep him in one room with his bed, toys, litter box, and food. when he is comfortable around his room and around you, try letting him go around the house more and more.
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