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I just have my boyfriend and he's hard enough work! I'm busy twisting his arm into getting a couple of cats. It's not taking much twisting though - he's just dying to get to kattensværn to find some moggies. He's very much a cat-person. I hit the jackpot with this man I think!

9 cats.... 6 dogs... if you're a stay at home, you could even live with more, I reckon
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Just one cat, Jinx. Hopefully, one day, we'll get Jinx a new friend to play with, but right now I guess he has me to spoil him.
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8 cats and one small dog
Cats: Kasey, Tommy Girl, Bubu, Whiskey, Rocky, Miki, Toffee, Honey
Dog: (who thinks she is a cat lol) Misha
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2 little princesses

And good for all of you for looking after large furry families!
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1 spoiled rotten cat and Trav....I'm really trying for another kitten or a puppy. But you can't really have a dog in an apartment.
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My two gorgeous kittens Alfie and Max

I would like to have more if I had the time and space, but I don't! Two is the number I feel I can provide the best for at the moment
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just the two kitties in my house... sounds like you can cope with lots and lots of pets though!
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I have 3 cats, 2 boys, Simba and Shane, and one little Asian Princess, her Royal Highness, Ms SunLee
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I have 6 cats and 1 human child.

I say, if you have the time, money and patience, adopt as many as you can. I know some people get carried away (like the one cat-lady with 303 cats) but everyone has a limit. As long as you can clean up after the pets, pay for vet visits and feed them properly, I don't see the problem with having 9!
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I live with two amazing kitties...Dexter & Sadie who are brother & sister.
They are wonderful. I adore them.
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Two owners for us slaves ! Mischief & Kisa....that's plenty!
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2 cats, 2 kittens, and one outside kitty, and we're feeding one feral kitty, too. (But don't tell my dad! )
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Lets see.....8 inside cats , =/- 5 ferals, one dog and one husband!
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I have 7 cats.
2 boys (brothers) Chuckie and Spyder and 5 girls- Winnie and Stormy (sisters), Crystal, Roo and Francine.
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