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Introductions for two new cats

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My boys are coming home soon, and a thought just occured to me. They have met before, and their breeders have talked about putting them together (though I don't know if they have done so for any long period of time yet). They do not live together though, and I wonder how best to put them in their new home together. When they met while I was there, the older one was very interested in playing with the kitten, while the kitten was a little more cautious, but not afraid. What are your suggestions for how to put them together? Thanks in advance!
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Hi there. Have you seen the article about introducing cats? That might be helpful - it worked for us.
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I'd still do the full introduction. Because they met before doesn't mean they're best buds ready to share territory. You can accelerate the intro if it's going well, but best start off on the right foot to avoid any future problems.
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So you guys think that I should just seperate the two and let each one have his own room at first? lol My one bedroom apartment makes that a little bit tough...Their breeder's email is down currently, but I'm definately going to call her and see what the situation on the two of them is. I guess the only reason why I wondered if they normal introduction strategy would work is because usually one of the cats involved is a current resident, while both of my boys will be new to the household. I think I will definately keep them seperated from each other while I'm not there just to be safe, even if they are currently seeing each other regularly at their breeders' places. lol I just feel sort of bad because the cat tree will only be in one of the rooms, I guess they'll just have to switch off on who gets to use it that day! Thanks for the advice!
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I think I'd give them each a safe area that is their own, but I'm not sure I'm bother with the full introduction since currently, your house is neutral territory.

Are they kittens?
If so, I think I'd just introduce them right away, and seperate them when unspervised, or if sparks fly.
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One is an almost 5 month old kitten, and the other is just over a year old. lol The age difference brings up other problems like what to feed them as well, so I have a lot of questions to ask their breeder before I pick them up!
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
or if sparks fly.
Well, it might work out OK -- two cats both new in a new territory. It worked for me for my first two cats. I was just lucky because I didn't know anything about cat intros and the problems a bad intro can cause. The problem is that IF the above happens, then they've started out on the wrong foot with a really bad first impression of each other and you might have a devil of a time overcoming it. A few days of going out of your way to make sure it doesn't happen is nothing compared to how long they're going to be living with you.
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Well, if sparks are going to fly, it will likely happen in under a half hour.
By all means don't put them together without watching their interactions.
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I think that, at the very very least, no matter how they have been introduced by their breeders, I will put towels in their crates when I take them home, put them in seperate rooms and place the other kitty's carrier in that room so they can get the scents. Then I can switch the carriers after a bit to the room with the original kitty and just keep an eye on reactions ie. interest vs. hissing. If all goes well, maybe they can meet each other face to face that night, maybe it will wait a little longer. lol Its a hard choice, but I guess if it comes down to it, Billy will spend the night in my bedroom while Chay gets the living room, because Billy is a little shyer, and much more used to sleeping with his current mommy. lol Unless of course, Billy is too freaked out to go anywhere near me! Sound like a decent plan?
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