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as u guys no bindi is pregnint. neways i was wondering what dose it mene wan she ceeps likeing her (im sher she dosint want me to tallke about this to u guys but a mommas gota to do what a mommas got to d lol) privet spot?
she bindoing it all day to day and a littll yesterday is thar something ronge with her?
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my cat cleaned herself a bunch in that area when it was getting closer....i believe she is keeping clean because she knows her babies will be comming and she wouldnt want then to get anything on them on their way out....im sure there are other reasons as well but my cat never really took care of herself from what i was told by her previous owners until her pregnancy....could be a sign....did a vet tell you how far along she is?? or did u just guess??
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the vet and she all the sines of 3 to 4 weeks but i was tolld it thaks up to 9 weeks
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When was she bred?
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like 2 weeks ago
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OK, so you've probably got another about 6 weeks to go give or take. Where is the male that bred her?
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he lives about a block over from us.
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