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New critter at my house

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Yeah I know, call me a sucker, but I have opened my heart and home again to a little female bunny. I just picked her up today and she is so cute, a little gray and silver and black lop-eared bunny, with one ear up and one ear down. Tover is getting neutered right now, and I have to seperate them for at least a month, because if he does get to her he could make her pregnant. But I think she will be good company for him, though he towers above her right now in size because she is so slight. I need a good name for her though, something unusual that fits her. Any takers out there to offer her up a name?
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Any pictures will help with the naming process.
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Yay! Tovers girlfriend has arrived!! Can't wait to see pics of her I'll think about the name..
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Can't think of a name for the bunny, but I think "sucker" is perfect for you! :laughing2
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How about Lady?
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Or Clover to go with Tover?
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What's one more critter; more or less ! This is one lucky bunny ! A new home and a boyfriend all in the same place ! I think you should call the bunny "Sage" (that is the perfect spice for rabbit stew) YOU KNOW I AM JUST "kidding". . . . . I do like the name Lucky; you know, with the rabbit's foot thing and all. However, that never seemed to be particularly good luck for the "donor rabbit"
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She is a lop eared and one ear is up and one is down so here are some of the names I am considering:


And no darlene, I will not call her Sage! lol
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Concha is nice. I like it. It is sort of a Spanish name. Concha or Conchita is short for conception.
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As you probably know, I'm rather fond of Cagney

Or Lacey is nice too!
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Of the list, I'm partial to Skye or Concha.

Is there an old silver coin with an interesting name? Something about her coloring makes me think of old coins or silver of some kind or maybe pewter.
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Hiss I cannot wait to see a picture and one more critter when you already have loads wont be noticable that much
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I love the name Pewter, but knowing Mike he would start calling her Pew for short!
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my son says Stewie....sick kid!
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Clover is cute!


Whatever it is, give her a "cute" bunny name!:daisy: :flower:
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PEANUT!!! Yes yes PEANUT!!! I've always wanted to call one of my kitties Peanut but hubby has forbidden it.... says he will sound stupid shouting PEANUT! out the door!! sigh.... hmmm what about Pebble? Or Tawny? or or..... Hmmm let me think on this.... (I just LURVE naming babies!! ) Hmmmmm
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how about Flower (the skunk's name in Bambi)
Silky (for her softness)
Tippy (for her lopsidedness)
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Hmmm ok, staying with the "nut" theme,... what about Kashew?!! I think thats waaaay cute!!
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When I took horseback riding lessons back in the summer of 1992, the owner had a mare named Cay Anne. I was going to say Thumper but then I remember shes a female. Or Buttercup, Blossom, or Bubbles?
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Thanks Sunlion and all the rest of you for the great names, but Pewter fits her and since it wouldn't be but for the internet that I have her- I can now go outside and call "Come Pewter" and it fits! LOL
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That is too clever!
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I'm glad that you found a good name. I really like the name pewter. Good luck!
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I like nena10's ideas, too! Cute names!
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Nena's been watching Power Puff Girls again . . . "Once more, the day is saved!"
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