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Drama Queen In Training

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Y'all, Cosette was so funny this morning.
I was loving on Eponine and I guess Cosette got jealous. She made this sort of whiny noise and then flopped down on the ground just out of reach, with her back turned to us. She didn't like not being the center of attention and she let me know it!

Do any of your cats exhibit jealous behavior in a dramatic way?
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Well, they're both so adorable!! My boyfriend makes sure his cat and my cat get equal affection because he doesn't want his to get jealous! Smokie's the baby, and the more affectionate one, so it's hard to give them equal time!
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My cats don't really do the jealousy thing, but boy do they flop! Whenever we get home they take one look at us and both fall to the ground! Annie used to love to do this just out of reach and then run away when we tried to pet her, which I always thought was silly.

Silly Cosette!
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Well my little drama queen, Gracie, has been in a snit every since Peter came home. It's not so much her actions, but her attitude. She takes her nickname "Princess" very seriously and it's like she's royalty and Pete is a lowly peasant.
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Drama Queen in Training. I love that title.
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I call my Lucky princess too...she is such a drama queen too.

If Rambo is cuddling me she'll either start chatting to herself as if to object to this going on...then she'll come and sit just out of reach and sigh, and do that flop. Or else she'll jump up and push herself between the two of us.

If this doesn't work the way she wants she'll go and get her stuffed monkey and bring it over and start chattering at me again to show my what a good girl she us and of course much more worthy of cuddles!!

silly girl....she only really wants cuddle times when rambo wants cuddle times!!
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I love reading about these little drama queens (and kings)!
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Now that Rosie's come back to coming on my lap again and being a little love bug Sophie's spotted her a few times curled up on my lap and jumped up on purpose and made sure she squashed herself on as well
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