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Does anyone feed their kits Felidae?

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I have been considering switching from Nutro to Felidae. The ingredients seem to be much better and the food is a bit cheaper. Go figure.
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I have heard that it is a good food, however when we tried it, it made Esmeralda quite sick (to the point where we had to take a trip to the vet for IV fluids and medication to calm her stomach) - apparently it's a very rich food, and some cats' stomachs can't handle that - I was told to find something not as rich, and that's when we switched to California Natural. My others did fine with it though, so I'm sure it's great for lots of cats.
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I've had my crew on Felidae platinum for about 6 weeks now. It is pretty rich, and I think it may be contributing to Pansy's smelly poos, but overall I think they're improving greatly (had been on any variety of grocery store brands ) I feed Platinum bcuz 4 out of the 5 are seniors (and 2 of those 4 are a bit overweight).
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Thank you for the responses. I think what I'll do is buy a small bag and see how they react to it.
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Felidae is one of the dry foods I feed. Both cats love it. One word of warning about it - I know a lot of people who've bought very large bags of it, only to find that it gets rancid rather quickly (in comparison to other foods) after opening. I stick to the smaller bags.
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my older one wouldnt touch it ... and now I wont give dairy to any of mine... I do like the ingrediants and have thought about it for the dog
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Tried - looks like a great product BUT Loki did not like it !

I now feed Life;'s Abundance with great success!!
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I've been feeding Felidae dry for months and haven't had any problems. Lately I've been mixing it with Innova dry because Innova has more Omega in it, and I wanted that for Mellie's dandruff.
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I feed Felidae canned on occasion to my guys..no problems with it.
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I have ordered Felidae wet kittens and cats for Serenity, and it should arrive at the first of the week. The ingredients look good andfrom my research are of high quality. I really appreciate everyone's feedback here, and Serenity will report back shortly!
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I would definately buy the smallest bag possible to start. I learned that lesson the hard way. I have four very finicky cats. I had read that Felidae was a very good cat food. I found a great deal on it at a pet supply store (buy one 10 pound bag get one free). I think I ended up paying around $14.00 for 20 pounds of cat food. The only problem was none of my cats would touch it! I mixed it half and half for a few weeks with their old food (Purina One). They would just pick out the Purina One and leave the Felidae. Instead of just trying to force them to eat it I put them back on Purina One until I could afford to try another premium food. I ended donating all of the Felidae to the animal shelter. I then found Natural Balance at Petco and decided to try that. I mixed it half and half with their Purina One for about a week and then offered them just the Natural Balance. They ate it right away with no problem. I guess there was just something about the Felidae that they didn't like. I did think it was odd at the time though that none of them liked it.
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