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My Little Angel is gone

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My little angel Hallie died early this morning in her sleep. I woke up around 4:00 A.M. to go to the bathroom and she was laying in a corner in the bathroom. She put her head up and I reached down and pet her and asked her why are you sleeping in the bathroom Hallie Bear? That was the last time I saw that sweet little face alive. Hallie had PKD (Polycycstic Kidney disease) and had struggled to stay healthy the whole 20 monhts I've had her. She was a sweet kitty with a face like a teddy bear and always had to be near me. Hallie had some good days the first year I had her but it was obvious her health had gone down hill the last few months. I'm too upset right now to write more about her. But here are a few pictures of her from over the short time I had her.

This picture is from sometime in the last month or two. She had already lost some weight but was still curious and active.

Here's Hallie sunning herself on the deck recently. She loved to be out in the sun.

Hallie loved to watch TV and especially the Fox News Channel ticker.

The three stoges

In Healthier days

Playing on the boogie mat. This was just this past winter.

My God thats such a cute face!

My little baby Hallie

A nice picture of her looking Regal

I have so many more but I just can't stay here and post all day. I'm still recovering from my surgery and can't even take her little body out so I need to find someone to do that for me. I want to find a few more of my favorites in a minute here and then I'll be done boring you with my picture tribute!.
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These pictures are from my old house. Here she's laying in a tiny basket right in front of the picture window in the living room. She really loved the sun.

Silly Girl

messed up on nip


Lazy playing lol

And my favorite picture of Hallie. She looks like she was posing for this one.

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Hallie as a baby

And finally... My little Hallie Angel. Hopefully she is in a place where she has no more disease and suffering. And she it probably snuggling up with my daughters dog Abbey, who also recently passed.

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So sorry for your loss...rest in peace sweet Hallie!
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I'm so sorry to hear about Hallie. She's at peace over the Bridge now.
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Godspeed, little Hallie! What a BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL baby she was! If only I was closer, I would come over & make such a pretty resting place for her! But I can only send e-hugs & prayers for comfort for your loss - a kitty-shaped hole in one's heart can be so difficult to fill! At least she is healthy and whole again, and I am sure that she is making Heaven that much brighter for all the little human girls who have crossed RB themselves. Take care, Susan
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This sounds kooky, but I just have to tell you - while I was typing my reply, my cat Cindy wanted to sit in my lap, but suddenly decided to jump up on the windowsill across the room, then jumped back down, and that opened the curtain in just such a way that a shaft of light is shining into one of my amber-colored candle holders & when I got up from typing, the candle holder was full of amber light - I thought it had a candle burning!!! It's just the sunlight reflecting from I-don't-know-what, the wind must be blowing something that's reflecting the sunlight onto the candle. Well, a cloud has just passed through, and the light is gone, but it was sooo eerie! the amber glow was so intense, and the jewel decorations glued on the side were so bright - it brought to mind those beautiful amber eyes of Hallie's....Maybe she's watching us down here on TCS! (hopefully, a little more entertaining than Fox). RIP, Hallie!
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Oh my. Thank you so much. That made me start crying all over again. My poor little baby. She was such a sweet, tiny little thing.
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Oh, Hallie sure looks like a little lady. What a beautiful kitty! I am very sorry you lost her, and that she has been sick. Poor little angel, now she has real wings!
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I am so sorry for your loss...she is a beautiful cat..RIP Hallie.
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What a sweet, beautiful girl! How lucky you were to have her touch your life so dearly. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Hallie was a BEAUTIFUL girl. RIP sweet baby.
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I'm sorry you lost your Hallie, she was a beautiful girl, and she looks so happy in all those pictures. RIP Hallie.
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Tammie, as much as she was your little angel, you were hers too. You gave her such a life! She packed as much fun and play and love into her 4 years as any kitty who has lived 20. She is a very, very precious soul... :angel2:

Rest in Peace, dear Hallie. Play with the butterflies at the Bridge. And never know pain or illness again...
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R.I.P., little Hallie. May you have sunshine for eternity.
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HUGS! RIP beautiful girl
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I'm so very sorry to hear about your little one.
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Thanks everyone. I'm still on an emotional rollar coaster tonight. A friend from work came and took Hallie to burry her for me. Because I just had surgery on my leg and foot, I wasn't able to do it myself or to even go with him. The guy who came is an animal lover and has many of his own, including El Paca's (not sure how you spell that). I told him Hallie loved to lay in the sun so he is going to burry her in a nice corner with a tiny bit of shade and a lot of sun.

When I went in at 4:00 a.m. and she was still alive, I was sitting there talking to her and she was looking up at me and chirping back, like she always did. She was so cute. She must have went right at that moment because when I went in after waking up at 9:00 she was still in the exact same position. Her little head was still even tipped upward and her big eyes still looking at me. At first I questioned if maybe she was already dead when I went in at 4:00. But she talked to me and I remember she still felt warm. So maybe she was just waiting to talk to me one more time. Bless her little heart. I'm going to miss her a lot. She had such a sweet, sweet little soul. Her eyes could penetrate the coldest and thickest steel! I really miss her already.
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I'm sorry for your loss. She was truely beautiful. I'm happy to hear you were with her during her final moments. You will see her again on the rainbow bridge.
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I'm so sorry of you loss of dear beloved Hallie.

She has had a wonderful life with you and you were with her in her final moments.

R.I.P. dear angel Hallie.
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Oh Tammie.

I'm so very sorry you lost sweet Hallie. I remember the day you got her. I'll never forget her. Please do know I'm thinking of you at this hard time.

R.I.P Hallie!
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I'm sorry you lost your precious little kitty. I too am heartbroken about losing my kitty of 13 years on Monday. I hope we will heal soon.
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What a beautiful cat she was. And she was loved so much.
R.I.P. Hallie

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I am so sorry and so sad about this. My heart is breaking for you. You gave that little angel a wonderful life, and it was evident how much you loved her. She was such a little beauty. She will never be forgotten. I know she will be waiting for you, when you join her someday. Rest in Peace, sweet little Hallie.
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Thank you everyone, for your condolences. I'm sorry if I don't reply right away. But I am just 7 days out from my surgery so I'm still down a lot and recovering.

I'm feeling better about Hallie today, although of course, I still miss her. But I started thinking how it is probably a blessing that she just went in her sleep so young. So many cats with PKD live for years and it seems the last few years they are miserable and just don't live with much joy. So I'm glad Hallie didn't suffer very long.
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Tammie I'm so sorry to read about the passing of your sweet kitty Hallie. It brought tears to my eyes to read of your last shared moments in the small hours of that morning. I am sure you are right, that she wanted to hang on to spend some time with you one last time. Maybe to let you know that it was alright, she would be at peace now. What is clear is how loved she was and I am certain that she knew this.
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Tammie, I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sure she knew that you loved her. When you get to the pearly gates, she'll be there to greet you with all of her love.
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I have no doubt at all in my mind that Hallie knew how loved she was and yes she is now at peace in no pain and is watching over you Tammie - forever in her heart

RIP Angel Hallie - enjoy those wings sweetheart
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Tammie, I'm so sorry for your loss of beautiful Hallie. I'm sure she was waiting to tell you her final goodbye. As you said, fortunately she never had to suffer, and you filled her life with love. She went to sleep hearing your words of love. Keep all your beautiful memories of her alive, and she'll live forever in your heart.
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So sorry to hear of your loss, but it sounds like you gave her some good times and she went without suffering. She will now be full of health at the bridge.
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