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Poison Ivy

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I am breaking out in the little blisters and I can't stop itching! At this point, I only have a few small patches of blisters, but in a few spots. I have a suspicious spot on my forehead that may break out in blisters. I am currently wiping them down with alcohol and then putting a bandage on them so I don't scatch. Does any one have any good remedies?

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Oh you poor thing!

I am not sure.. but maybe callomile lotion? I think there was a thread the other week about poison ivy so there might be advice in there.

Hope you feel better soon!
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Thanks. I did do a search, but didn't find much. I will try again!
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Yuck! I hear poison ivy reactions are horrible, Karen. I don't have any advice other than to use cortisone and maybe benadryl. Fortunately, my body doesn't react to poison ivy.
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I've heard that you should gently wash regularly with mild soap to keep them clean and help prevent them from getting worse...and then calomine lotion to help with the itching

Good luck!
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Okay, you're going to think this is weird, but to stop the itching, run hot water, as hot as you can stand (you don't want to scald yourself) over the affected area. It will stop the itching for several hours. And god! does it feel GOOD when you're running the water over it! Like you're scratching the h*** out of it (but of course you're not.) If you do a google for "hot water" and "poison ivy" you'll find that this is one of the remedies. Calamine may help dry it up, but I've never had ANYthing to stop the itching cold like the hot-water treatment.

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so sorry to heard that dear Karen....
My recomendation is LOTs and Lots of Spoil to you from Aaron! ....
( and he can help you to scratch it too! ....)

So sorry I don´t know no one home remedy about this, Once we use Oxygen Water to clean the blisters and try to not scratch it! ...
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My BF uses "Technu" from the drugstore. He says it works very well, but works best if you apply it ASAP. I think that's the correct spelling; if not it's close. You should be able to find it for about $8.00 a bottle.
There is another product that is supossed to be really good, but I don't remember the name. It starts with a Z. It's about $40.00.
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Originally Posted by Gilly
Great website! Thanks!
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Thanks you everyone!!!!

I don't think the hot water thing is strange. I've done that with mosquito bites before.

I will be going to the drug store soon to check out some of the other products that everyone recommended!
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