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Bacardi goes to see the Specialist tomorrow

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I take her in at 11:30 tomorrow to see the specialist and would appreciate a good thought or prayer on the way. He said they are going to start over from scratch and do a full set of x-rays- he says from what he sees in front of him (paperwork from the other office) that he suspects an enlarged heart muscle But he doesn't want to jump the gun, he just wanted me to know that this is something he will be looking for as well as thyroid issues or brain lesions. So- I guess I might know more tomorrow and I might not. He is the first vet I have known that talked to me over an hour on the phone before even setting a foot in his office! I had to answer a ton of questions and so maybe he and his female associate are really on the ball and can help Bacardi. He told me to stop giving her anything other than just food, until after he sees her and decides what is best.
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Poor Bacardi she's been through so much, as have you. I'll be sending good thoughts your way, lets hope this Vet gets to the bottom of this and helps her recover.
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I'm sending thoughts and well wishes ya'lls way! Let us know as soon as you can how everything goes.
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Poor baby - I now Bacardi is a fighter but I sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers.
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You and Bacardi have been through so much. It's nice to know that you finally found a vet that is on the ball. That happened to me with Marina Mar. Hundreds of dollars and several misdiagnoses later, finally found a woman vet with a brain who took the time to biopsy her ear and find what was wrong. We need more vets like them. Quick to find an answer not quick to make a buck.

Good luck. I will keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers.
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I am sending you and Bacardi positive thoughts and prayers. I hope the specialist will be able to give Bacardi the help she needs and deserves.
Good luck!...and please update us!
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Good luck!!! I'll say a prayer for you two.
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prayers from Maryland coming your way!
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Sending positive vibes in Bacardi's direction.
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Bacardi has bone spurs on almost every section of her spinal column. She is ouchy to be touched because of it and she is attacking her brothers and sisters when they roll around with her in play and hurt her, she waits till later when she feels better to get back at them. She is also extremely sensitive to medication and has too much weight on her which is why she is breathing short breaths instead of regular ones. This vet told me that if she could change one thing about cat owners in America, it would be to not "free feed" and leave food down all day and night for them. She said to start feeding at regular times, put the food down for about 1 hour only then pick it up and put it away until next feeding time. Feed morning, noon and night. Anyway, they have Bacardi on medication now and she is laying in my lap probably wondering what happened to her today because they put her through so many tests. Thank you for your postitive thoughts and prayers I know it helped a lot!
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That is wonderful news! At least now you know what is wrong and can help her. As far as that idiot doctor is concerned who misdiagnosed her, I'd read him the riot act and tell him where to put his bill. He has put that poor cat through hell for nothing.
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I am glad to hear that Bacardi has nothing seriously wrong with her!
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oh that's great news! I just found this thread otherwise my thoughts and prayers would have been with you on your trip to the vet too; there's nothing worse than having to take a loved one in for tests like that and the not knowing; prayers and best wishes that the medication helps ease her discomfort
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YAY!!! :blubturq:
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Hissy, I'm so glad you finally have an answer. Can they do surgery to remove the spurs?
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there were too many spurs to remove as they appear to have infiltrated every bone on her spinal column...... We will just keep on the meds and take it one day at a time.
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How wonderful for you and Bacardi! Kudos to you for keeping on top of this.

I certainly wish you and Bacardi all the best in continuing to move forward with this.

Congrats, too, on finding what sounds like a terrific vet!

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MaryAnne - I am glad that you have answers for Bacardi. I wish it was something that the Vet could remedy for her. Is she on medication for that now? I may need to re-think my free feeding routine around here.
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an anti-inflammatory and a behavioural drug as well, Megace which has toned her down quite a bit from attacking her brothers and sisters when she is up to it.
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I sure do hope that these meds will help her!
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I am so glad you finally have the answer. How do the new meds seem to be working? Does the anti-inflamatory help with the pain any? Keep us posted. I am constantly thinking about you and Bacardi and hoping each day get better and better.
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It is horrible having a cat in pain. I hope the meds help Bacardi feel better. I am so glad you finally have a diagnosis!
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