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Songs that bring fond/funny memories?

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Driving into work this morning "I Just Called (to Say I Love You)" by Stevie Wonder came on the radio. Really brought back memories of my freshman year in college. There was this guy I had a crush on but was too shy to talk to, so my friends called him from the public phone in our dorm, sang this song, then told him I liked him. We did go out a couple of times, but that's it. Still, whenever I hear this song, I think of that!

Does anyone else have fond/funny memories of a special song?
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Build Me Up, Buttercup (not sure if that is exact title.) My husband and I were hanging out before the rehersal dinner for our wedding and this song came on. So we sang and danced to it. I think of that every time I here that song.
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There are lots... "Lithium", Nirvana always brings back High School... one night in particular. Me and the guys(I never got on too well with the girls).... We all had a "thing" for going out ice-skating on a Friday night (well, it stopped us mugging little old ladies, didn't it) and the in-style was to go wearing these silly Adidas trousers that popper up all the way up the legs.... well two of my so called friends decided it would be really funny to sneak up behind me and rip open the poppers while I was skating..... they did.... and my trousers fell off. Not only that, but I turned around to yell at them, and promptly disappeared backwards over the barrier on the the wrong side of a sign that read "no unauthorised persons beyond this point". Karl and Alex had an absolute ball leaning over the railing and laughing at me n my state of semi-undress/semi-consciousness. Would you believe that a few years later I actually dated one of them?
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I think the song is called "This is how we do it" by Montell Jordan. My friends and I in highschool used to dance to this song all the time!
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thar was this 1 song by michell brach (not sher of the titll) but wan i frest got bindi she hade never herd muic before so wan i trerde on the redio she started to (dence!) she wud move her hed from side to side it was so cuti and she stell dose it tell this day so wan ever i hear that song i remamber her littell hed bobin!
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These are totally random, I know....

Anything by Rick Astley. Our family drove to Canada one year, and all I had was a tape of Rick Astley, which I listened to over and over again on my headphones from Georgia to Canada.

"Up and Flying" by Reba McEntire. I remember that song being on my discman when I saw the first of many waterfalls during our trip to Costa Rica .
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Dust in the wind....by kansas and the completle album of "The Wall by Pink floyd"... my school days!
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Four letter Word by cake- after my senior year, my ex and I went to WV with my parents- right before he left for camp -- it was the end of our relationship really and while i was bitter for a while, i look back and know that it was the end when I first heard that song.. that's the bitter one.

the good one"over the hills and far away" by nightwish It's a beautiful song and it's the first song I heard from them- and Jason intro'd me to the band (well the music).
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Paradise City - Guns N Roses always brings back memories of when my best friend and I first met..because it's her favorite song so yeah.
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Anything by either Sting, The Talking Heads, or James Taylor bring back memories of travelling with my dad as a kid.

The song "At Last" by Edda James reminds me of me & my husband's first dance as husband & wife.

Aah...pleasant thoughts!!
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