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For all you chocoholics out there.....

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I was just curious, seeing as there's a thread for cheese.... how many of us have a real passion for chocolate too... I was just thinking about the nonsense story "Cheese, Peas and Chocolate Pudding" Sorry folks..... Anyone want to post a thread on peas while we're at it?
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I love all chocolate!!!!!!!!!
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Milk Chocolate

Funny you should post this cos I just picked up a cadbury flake to consume!
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Milk chocolate for me too, although I'm also partial to white and the fruit & nut variety

Really don't like Belgium chocolate though, funny taste to it (cheap date, me, a bar of cadburys dairy milk & a bottle of plonk & I'm happy!)
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Dark chocolate with fruit in it.
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Mmmm, chocolate! Milk chocolate for me, but white chocolate is really good too. Can't stand dark chocolate, though.
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I love chocolate too!

I said milk chocolate is my fav, but you know not all chocolate is bad..my doc says that dark chocolate will help keep your heart healthy!

So eat up!!!
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Originally Posted by Kellyyfaber
I love all chocolate!!!!!!!!!
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All chocolate expect nutty chocolate..........
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I can really take it or leave it. If I do eat chocolate, though, it's gotta be dark chocolate. I especially love the Mounds bars, which have coconut inside.
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Oooohhh all of them!!

Unfortunately being pregnant I am supposed to limit choc intake
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I love all chocolate. Had some awesome rasberry/chocolate chip ice cream last night w/huge chunks of dark chocolate.
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I love pretty much all chocolate and speaking of ice cream - Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Therapy is awesome. Chocolate ice cream with chocolate pudding and chocolate cookies!!!! A chocolate lover's dream come true
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chocolate mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
thought i had a bar in the fridge but must of eaten it will have to do with ice cream n choccy sauce
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I love ALL chocolate, except for white chocolate. I love dark chocolate the best, though.
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I like milk chocolate and dark I'm not to fond of white but my hubby loves it. I like carmel in it but no nuts of any kinda. I hate nuts.
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I like almost all chocolate, but my fave has to be milk chocolate, with white a close second. My favourite kind of bar to eat is a mint chocolate one!
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I LOVE chocolate truffles (ones with gooey fudge) and Toblerone bars!! GIVE ME!! GIVE ME!! GIVE ME!!
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I'll admit to being a bit of a snob about chocolate. I don't have much use for the checkout candy rack stuff. My local favourite chocolate shop uses only the best imports, and makes pretty wonderful stuff. There are no mistakes in that shop, and I'll happily eat any of it, but the order of my preference will always be dark, then milk, then white. Really good truffles can't be beat, but really good plain chocolate is pretty wonderful, too. Fruit and nuts and mint and whatnot are OK, but not necessary. The bar that I keep a supply of in my office is Lindt Excellence 70% cocoa. Then I don't have to fork out a buck for a bar of...no I won't even try to find an appropriate word.

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Wow I'm in the minority... I love white chocolate. That being said, I love most British chocolate (the best kind) but if I had a choice... *drools*
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Dark is my favorite but, I won't turn down milk. There is always a bag of chocolate candy in my desk drawer. My coworkers know where to come, for a fix.

Last week, Walgreen's had Triple Chocolate KitKat Miniatures AND Double Chocolate Hershey's Kisses on sale. I added a bag of assorted Herhsey's Nuggets and the week has gone fairly well.
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dark chocolate is by far my favorite, white chocolate i can definitely do without. as for all the other kinds, i'm usually pretty open to whatever's around. of course the fact that i've been able to get my hands on good european chocolate in the past really makes hersey's second-rate.
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Love Love Love Dark Chocolate with our without nuts in it I like all chocolate but the dark is my favorite
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I never met a chocolate I didn't like. See's chocolate is my favorite.
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I love chocolate too. Give me chocolate over cheese anyday.

Milk chocolate is my favourite. I love Cadburys black forest though!
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I don't often eat chocolate - but when I do I enjoy milk chocolate. My favourite chocolate in the whole world is Terry's Orange chocolate , but unfourtunately you can't get it over here.
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Originally Posted by JakkieS
Unfortunately being pregnant I am supposed to limit choc intake
I think someone should of told me this 8 months ago

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Danielle I was so sad when I was told I actually cried - trust the darn hormones

But I did lots of research and turns out you can have a max of 300mg of cafeine per day during pregnancy. And yay most choc (except dark choc) only contain between 5 - 15mg caffeine per average size bar. But I am not pigging out but I do indulge a bit on the weekends.
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