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I thought I had introduced myself already. Well, here it is againI´m 56 and had a very bad stroke 2 years ago which left my left side paralysed.In June I flew to the States to visit my son who is working on his phD thesis and got erroneously deportedby INS: On that flight my neighbour was a Maine Coon breeder.4 weeks later our dear little Lily (1 11/2 years old European shorthair)was joined by Pinsel the M.C.We have had a cat for about 20 years the last but one one had to be put to sleep after 17 years. that was painful.the following cat was run over by a car. that´s the reason Lily has to stay in the house when it gets dark. all our cats came from animal shelters apart from Pinsel.We have been very lucky with all the cats. none has ever destroyed anything.Pinsel had problems settling in and when she got different food from what she was used to it really became difficult.We have had her for 9 months now and enjoy her calm quiet,affectionate behaviour very much, simply the ideal cat.so that´s itWell, I´m married and have 2 sons (28 and 29)I still work as a teacher at an adult education centre.
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Dear Elisabeth,

What a courageous story! Welcome to the site. I hope that you have fun looking around at all the great information we have here. Join any threads that look good to you!
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Welcome to the site!! Sounds like you have your hands full!! Im glad you and your new baby are getting along so well!! I recently adopted an 8 year old male Maine coon - he is wonderful!! Such peacefull easy going cats!! (and HUGE!! ha ha ah) Anyway, hope to see you around often!!
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Hi Elisabeth :daisy:

I hope you're feeling much better now and I'm glad you have found such a wonderful kitty to warm your heart. I'd love to see a pic and I'm sure we all would too! Have fun posting

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Hello and welcome; Deb's right, what a courageous story; thank for you sharing it with us. It's amazing how intuitive cats are and how they become such an important part of our lives. I have a seizure disorder and when I'm feeling tired and have to rest, my Sophie knows and is so sweet--she either cuddles up with me or stands guard over me like a watchdog!
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Hi Shawna and Sophie,
Thanks for your note. By the way where do you live.You see I have a son in the States and would love to visit him regularly but for INS I can´t.We have sent all the proof that we didn´t stay longer than the pernitted time to INS but never received an answer.So we ´ll probably have to write to the Department of Justice again maybe then our file will get cleared. That is why we don´t actually harbour fond ideas about going to the US.I still can´t do anything with my left side and I have become completely fed up with my condition. I want to able to work as hard as I did before the srtoke.But there is no hope.Well, can´t be helped: all the best to you from cold and unpleasant northerm Germany Elisabeth Pinsel and Lily
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Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!
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Welcome, your story was very moving. I'm happy you now have a cat who can keep you company and give you its love.

Animals can bring and teach so much to us human beings....

You'll certainly find it pleasant here, people are very warm as you can see

Hope to hear from you and your kitty soon.
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I'm a little bit late with this, but I just wanted to add my welcome, and to tell you I am sorry about your stroke...I hope things will get better for you, and that you will regain the use of your left side in time. I am really glad you have joined us here, and I hope you will make yourself at home here.
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Dear Debbie
it´s so kind of you to write to me. I do appreciate your concern for somebody you don´t know at all.the sad fact is that i´ll probably never fully recover which is especially hard since I liked working very much and simply did everything that was necessary or which I enjoyed like sewingknitting embroidery,papering and paimting the walls painting the windowsand sure all the work in the garden. you see I mainly grew up on my grandparents´farm which was absolutely ideal and prepared me not to mind any work. My mother was already a widow when I was born. my father died as a POW in Russia which she got to know 3 years after.So I spent quite some time at my grandparents´place. they were wonderful people,content most of the time, very optimistic and they never complained contrary to what most farmers do.I was lucky with both my grandparents. but because of that ghastly war i never had a father or any siblings.my sons complain very much about not having a nice big family. most of our relatives live in Greece. my husband is half Greek. so no surprise.That´s the reason that we spend most of our holidays in Greece. this year we are going in June and are staying in a cousin´s house close to a lovely deserted beach. Iam very much looking forward to that. Cold weather usually gives me pain in my left houlder where the bone isn´t properly positioned in the joint.can´t be helped I get regular therapy but so far it hasn´t helped much already last year the neurology prof told me I should be happy with what Ihad achieved and that there would be no further progress. I could have killed him for not giving me any hope.Well, that´s the situation. I´m looking forward to hearing from you. I HOPE I haven´t misspelled your name hadn´t looked it up before answering Best wishes elisabeth in cold and rainy northern Germany
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Well don't you ever give up hope..no matter what the doctors say! I beleive anything is possible through prayer, and miracles do happen! You just hang in there, and please feel free to chat with us anytime you like. You can also visit the rest of the forums, and talk more there! Again, I am glad you are here!
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Hi Debby,
so glad I retrieved your e-mail. I believe it would be a lot easier if you used my e-mail address Elisabeth @provos.org Ihad lost your mail and turned to your postmaster or whatever and was told that there were so many debbies they didn´t have an idea which Debbie it could be.Thank you for writing to me again. these mails are really something to look forward to.At the moment only the 4-paws and I are at home. my husband is doing Kendo a Japanese sport.he has been teaching it for 3 decades now and is a 3rd black belt.I´m glad he still does it. But teaching isn´t much fun because then you yourself don´t get much exercise and can´t improve.But in July he will go to a place near Berlin for a week´s exercise with teachers from Japan etc.He was one of the first in G>ermany to do Kendo.Id love to add smilies and send a few photos but my son is in Hamburg and I don´t have the slightest idea how that works.Thank you so much love Elisabeth
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Elisabeth...If you want to use smilies, (smiley faces, etc) just click on the box right beside where you make your reply to a post...you can click on any of the smilies in the box and they will appear as words, but when your post comes up, it will be a smilie.
If you click on the 'get more' link at the bottom of the box, it will take you to a big page, and when you see a smilie you want to add to your post...just type in exactly what it says to type, and the smilie will be in your post....for example... :blush7: That isn't one, but if it were, the smilie for that would appear in this post, instead of the words.
Let me know if you need any help with it.

Also...I am not any good at posting pictures...but if you have some pictures you want to post, you could e-mail them to one of the other members, I know Bodlover and Catarina and Hissy among others, are very good at posting pictures on here, for other people. If you e-mailed it to one of them, they would post them for you!
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Hi there Elisabeth!!!

I received your pm!! Thank you. I just noticed that you might be interested in posting pictures. If you want to, I'd be happy to size them and post them on the boards

You can email me at catus007@bellsouth.net Send as many pics as you want and I'll post them for you!!
I hope you email me, that we can communicate without the restrictions of the amount of characters used in the pm's.

However, I will pm you back because I wanted to answer your pm anyway.

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Hi Catarina,
Thanks for your mail Actually Arne , younger son ,posted 4 pics yesterday but when I wanted to look them up today they had disappeared.WÈ`ll try again. they were nice pics of Pinsel, They were taken in arne´s room. So you had better not look at the background. On top of that his girlfriend was working on a present for her father. We don´t normally have straw in our rooms for the cats.Pinsel has found out that my bed is an ideal place for the night. She usually comes when she feels i´m fast asleep. She doesn´t like my tossing and turning.she regularly sleeps on that part of the blanket which I need to cover my butt and back.So we occasinally struggle.The weather is so unpleasant at the moment that the cats go as far as the step in front of the door and sit guard.the windowsill above the central heating is even a better place. S o no flowerpotsor only a few but cats as decoration. Advantage, you needn´t water them. Pinsel is never far from where I amWhat I don´t appreciate is her helping me print letters. They have a tendency to disappear then. Having to write with one hand is something I hate anyway.So that´s it for today
Love and Hugs Elisabeth
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I can't wait to see pictures of Pinsel....sounds like a great cat!
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Hi Elisabeth!!
I don't know why I haven't seen your post until today!!! I guess if it wasn't for Debby's post, I wouldn't have seen it!! Well, anyway, it's always nice to hear from you. I would love to see the pics of her and I promise not to look at the background! hahaha! I know how that is! Great pics and the background is UGH! hahah Had my share of those too!
I can't really put too many nice art decor around my house. If it is, it's very big so the cats can't knock it down. Little, fine trinkets usually wind up as toys! hahaha!
The weather is good here, I live in resort weather year round. It gets boring after years of it! Trust me, I'd love to be snowbound for a couple of days! hahaha
Well, not too much going on here. I hope you're feeling better these days Elisabeth. How do you like your new doctor? I remember you telling me that you think this one can help you...
Well, I hope all is well and when you can please post again. It's always good to hear from you!!!
Love & Hugs...
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:blubturq: Welcome
Your Maine Coon is beautiful. I have a mixed breed who is half Maine Coon and he is such a sweetheart. Aren't they just wonderful. My Titus just loves attention all the time and watch out, they love water. Titus has even gotten in the shower with me a few times. He's such a clown. :clown: Enjoy your new furbaby and welcome the site.
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