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The Dilute Tortie Thread

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I torties! I especially love dilute torties because I so rarely see them! In fact, I had never seen one until Eponine found me.

So for you dilute tortie owners out there (I know there are a few of you here on TCS), share pictures of your dilute tortie angels
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Eponine is such a beauty.

No pics to share, but I love dilute torties and have a special fondness for them because Pete's mother was a gorgeous one. We also had a beautiful dilute tortie kitten this time around. Her family named her Juliette and absolutely adores her!
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Here's my girl Quki. She just showed up one day when she was a youngster and never left.

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Oh I love dilute torties!!! Eppie is so gorgeous, Amy!!! Great pics!
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Quki is STUNNING! You can just see the tortitude in her eyes Both of our girls have long hair....Does anyone know if dilute torties tend to have longer hair?
Thanks for the compliments on Eppie y'all. She's definitely the furry love of my life
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I think Serenity is a short hair, and this is Tizi (it means bird, but I can't spell it properly) And she thought she was my mum.. when my cousins came over she used to hide me under the bed. she was a great cat.. And she got lost when I was quite young.

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Denise, Tizi was beautiful.
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wow dilute torties r so beautiful
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Willow's like a darker dilute torti (judging by the other pics here, lol). She's got white, but only on her toes and half of her throat

Mizz Fatty (okay, yes, it's Willow, and yes, she's at a good weight, but she's got SO MUCH HAIR! I can't help but make fun of her! lol)

Most of her white as at the front of her body: half of her throat and some splattering of color on her belly

Sitting next to the globe that my other kitty smashed the next morning

Mizz Fuzzy trying to steal my chicken nugget (vegetarian chicken nugget, but she doesn't seem to know that)


Sorry there's a lot, it's not everyday when there's a thread dedicated to diluted colors, lol. Which reminds me, I didn't know of any dilute colors until we got Willow either. She was just "Grey with orange splashes/splotches/patches", lol. Now I hope to have more dilute torties and dilute calicos too
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I love Blue Creams too!

My kitten Dance was a Blue-cream bicolour. She left for her new home about a month ago.

Her coat

Dance & Lonestar

Bridget & Dance

Dance & her brother Lyger as newborns


that's all for now
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Willow and Dance are GORGEOUS!
Aussie_Dog, I admire Willow every time I see her in your siggie She reminds me so much of Eponine .
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Thank you Amy. My favourite cat ever was a Blue Cream Tabby Exotic. Her name was Loonie Toones and she was my cat Elmos mother. Sadly when my computer crashed after trying to install broadband I lost all my digital pictures of her.
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Awwwww, so many gorgeous torties!

Here is my sweet girl, Peekaboo ('Peek'). She passed away at the age of 18-20ish (we didn't know her exact age, but she was at LEAST 18) several years ago. She was a wonderful girl.

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Awww Peek! I love that name!
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What beautiful pictures everyone!
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