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Do your cats play favorites?

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I was just curious... does your cat prefer a certain person? If you have more than one cat, do they all prefer the same person or do they each have their favorites.

I've noticed that all 3 of my cats seem to prefer me. Not all obviously, Baylee does her own thing but every once in a while will come and give me a headbutt or two, that's it. Max obviously prefers me... he's okay with my fiance but I think he had a bad experience with men so it takes him some getting used to and he'd rather come be with me.

Jordan... he's still trying to figure that out. If you put him in the middle, he'll, 9 times out of 10, come cuddle with me. That last time he'll go sleep by my fiance's head.

Needless to say this kind of upsets my fiance ("all my cats hate me," I hear regularly) but I wondered if it were my cats or if most cats did this. Does that make sense?

Long story short - if you have more than one cat, do they all seem to favor the same person or different people?
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Mine are fickle. Sometimes they all want me, sometimes they all want him, sometimes they just want each other.
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Sturgis is also fickle, and very moody, if he is mad at me he cuddles with my husband and vice versa.

Spirit loves both of us.

Cali is primarliy my cat, though she is on strike right now and I have to find her to cuddle (bacause of the foster cat and kittens).

Trouble love me and my daughter, if my husband looks at her she is gone for the rest of the day.

Milo is primarly mine.

The foster momma Jazz loves anyone who will show her some love, and the last foster kitten Spookie definately prefers me.
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I wonder if there's any connection between certain pets being a certain person's and their gender or not...
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Not in my house, it 's more of a matter of who does the feeding and caring for them. My husband has never cleaned a litterbox in his life or even put down a dish of food. The dogs definately all prefer me, for that reason.
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Hmmm... my fiance and I share those duties (he usually gives them the dry food and water in the morning, I the wet food at night) but they prefer me. Or maybe it's because I give them the wet food and they are more interested in that?
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Reilly uses my boyfriend and I for different things....

He is the play buddy and I'm the sucky fussy mommy.
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bindi comes to me for evry thing evan more sins she is pregnint
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My three prefer me, but Pete and Katie will gradually warm up to and befriend other people. Katie LOVES my youngest brother (who happens to be allergic) and demands attention from him. Then there's Gracie. Although she
tolerates other people, she DOES NOT LIKE anyone else touching besides me. Apparently, I am the only human worthy of the affection of her royal highness. That's my girl!
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Gandalf strongly prefers me and strangely enough my cousin's boyfriend who isn't around very often.

Samwise likes everybody but prefers to cuddle with me. He does love my Dad when we go visit though. I think it's because my Dad will wrestle with him. He's a bit of scrapper.

When I go out of town, I leave them with my parents and both of them will follow my Mother around when I'm not there.
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Spaz is my cat, and pays a lot more attention to me, but she's also a cuddle slut, and will drool on anyone that'll pet her.

Vash is my fiance's cat, and it shows, but he does need occasional "mom time".

Trouble is my boy, he'll cuddle with me and sleep with me and talk to me, he only really has a few words and a request for a pet or two from my fiance'.

Shadow is my fiance's cat through and through, follows him all over (hence his name), and goes nuts if he can't sleep with him. He likes me ok, he's just not outgoing.

Cassi is definitely my cat, she chirps and trills and squeeks and sings at me and must be in the same room with me at all times. She adores attention. She'll let my fiance' pet her, but she still shies away at times (Cassi was a feral).

Ivory (my Bug) hasn't yet chosen a favorite, she's too busy enjoying life as a spoiled miracle kitten.
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Raven - Daddy's Girl
Salem - Daddy's Girl - occasionally Mommy's Girl
Andy - Mommy's Boy
Max - Anyone's Boy - neighbors, mailman, repair guy
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