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Hi All:

I have a question about my friend's cat??? Sorry this will be long.

My friend got Harry when he was very young, a little too young but she never knew that. He is now almost a year old and behaves weird??? He has only ever been inside, she is neutered, still had his claws, and she has no other pets. Harry can be very skidish. And he hisses at everyone who walks in the door, other than my friend and her fiance, sometimes he hisses at me and sometimes he doesn't??
He can also be weird about his litter box. He will not use the box if there is one pee or one poop in it. The other day my friend was sitting at the table on the telephone and he squated down and went to the bathroom on the floor almost right in front of her. When my friend looked in the litter box there was one clump of pee and there was NO poop. Why would he do this right in front of her

Just a side note, my friend and her fiance treat their Harry like a child. They give him so much love, probably more than he wants. He is very well taken care of. Does anyone have any ideas why he is so picky about his box, and what could be making him act so skidish

Sorry for the long post but any ideas would be appreciated.....
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Did he/she poop or pee - if he/she peed it might be a sign of a UTI. Either way a trip to the vets office is warranted for check-up!!
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Ask them to try two litter boxes. Some cats just like to pee in one and poop in another. (Assuming a health problem has been ruled out).
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Thanks for the advice, I'll pass it along.....
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