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i feel terribly bad :(

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Hey everyone, yesterday i wasnt able to get on because bf screwed up my comp and wouldnt fix it for a while!
anyway two nights ago we went to frankfurt, when we got home i saw ben patting a black small kitty, so i went to pat her too, she was soo friendly and terribly thin, i saw she had been pregnant and felt around for nipples but she had none and her bones were sticking out from being so thin, i told ben this and i said should we just steal her? i doubt anyone would own her in her condition?
So i grabbed her by the neck and cuddle position she started hissing and swatting me, i got upstairs and gave her a bowl of dry food,
Ben made them see each other (teuf and kitty) although i complained, and teufel was so interested in this kitty, but she kept on hissing at him so he didnt get any closer, so i shut the door and teufel kept on meowing because he wanted to see her.
I really hate bens mum at the moment, she kept on saying dont let ferals in the house they get really bad and rip up everything, I told ben it was natural for her to hiss like that because she is trying to defend for her self in a new environment but he wouldnt listen as soon as she attacked me he said thats it shes out! So we brought her out and left her food there, i still have such a terrible feeling, she was so happy to leave, i have been around the area yesterday and will look again to see if she is still around, i dont want her to hate me she is completely black like teufel.

She had no collar but her fur was shiny and normal, i think she belonged to someone and then got lost?

I hope if i see her again i can catch her and actually keep her
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Aw sweetie... that's not so good. Was she really hungry when you took her in and fed her? If you took her in, it would take a lot of time for her to settle in and get used to the place - but she'd also have Teufie to contend with too. She wouldn't have been happy in there yesterday because it's "Teufel's Patch" so there's bound to have been some conflict. Fingers crossed that it didn't go too badly that she won't come near you again. It sounds like you¨'ll just have to win a bit of her trust first before you go catching her though. Just keep leaving some food out for her....
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Poor little girl. I hope you see her again. You and Ben need to have a conversation about boundaries and house rules. I have pretty old fashioned values, and let dh be the man of the house, but he would never put out an animal I brought in, even if it seemed to be a mistake.

He would encourage me to do what he felt was best, but not push me to do what I felt was wrong. This may come up again between you and Ben, and I think it is good to clear the air so you can be the one making decisions in cases like this.

Hugs to you, Fwan. Keep putting food out for her!
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for this poor little girl...
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